Don't be afraid to be afraid

Since the beginning of time, humans have experienced some degree of fear. At first it was fear of survival against the elements, animals and other tribes; then as we became more civilized we feared each other, change, growth andanarchy followed by excessive control and manipulation. It has never ended and I suppose it never will. Yet one point is clear to me, fear can block everything! It has the power to destroy. It has the ability to influence and of course, it has the energy to change wo/men into strong and courageous individuals. I know that as a fact, because that was my experience during many different periods of my life.

Instead of allowing fear to run your life, possibly it is time for you to become a source of inspiration for yourself and towards others in your sphere of influence by changing your feelings of fear.

Fear, when treated with respect and courage, can actually enable you to become quite successful if and only if you are willing to understand its signals and use them to harness and strengthen your courage and strength.

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather one's ability to face their fear and move through it. I have experienced numerous moments of fear in my lifetime but what has allowed me to continue to climb my mountain and embrace my victories was my ability to keep walking. I have continually called on my faith in God, the knowledge that there is power with my angel forces combined with my strong determination and tenacity. All of that knowing power has enabled me to push through my self-limiting ceiling and reach for the stars.

There is no question that there is fear in the unknown and there is fear in the unpredictable but at the same time there is fear in our feeling inadequate and fear in our sense of not having enough whatever enough means to you. Yet having said all of that, there is hope that we can rise above our fears and embrace a high state ofwell beingif and when we are ready to trust that we are not alone and that our Creator, our Source, has always been with us and will never leave us. For me, that sense of knowing has made all the difference in my life. Please do not misunderstand; I have not always felt that way; in fact, I am still struggling with that truth yet I must say, I am a work in progress. Each and every day I work on purifying my thoughts and imploring my Higher Self to surrender because I have been shown in numerous ways that that is so. We all have lessons to learn in life, this is one powerful one that I am hoping to master. What is your lesson? I hope and pray that you, too, will be shown the way. It takes courage to stand up to your fears and greet the joy that freedom brings.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, April 27, 2012