Don’t water what you don’t want!

Water only those things that you desire!  If you continually water the weeds in your life, they will flourish and prosper. That is why you should only water and nurture those things, whether thoughts, ideas or hopes that you want to see grow. You can’t feed you past and your future at the same time!  Maybe it’s time for you to feed your faith, your trust in a Source greater than yourself and learn how to water and nurture that wonderful powerful source of all goodness.

Don’t use your energy to feed your past history.  May I suggest that you instead utilize your energy to feed your destiny!  What happened in the past is your history and it is behind you.  If you are choosing to move into a New Season for your life and reach your highest potential, you will need to focus on all that you want to receive new and in the future.  Too often we feel sick or anxious about our lives because we are feeding our minds with junk food, negativity and past hurts. To heal your life requires you to stop feeding your insecurity!  It is time for you to feed what you value and want to receive.  You cannot restore your mind or body by continually dragging it down with hurt, pain, resentment or discontent.    It is important to know that what you don’t feed will eventually die.  That is why I suggest that you stop giving energy to your past experiences and all the weeds of your life and start watering positive thoughts, hopeful pathways and experiences.

You need to put your sights on your end goal, on your hopes, your desires and all that you seek to receive for your life.  You cannot get well if you are always re-opening the wounds, the pains of the past.  The only way to heal your life is to stop feeding the past.  STOP holding onto all that happened before because whatever you focus on, you are feeding and what ever you are feeding, is where you are placing all of your energy.  Never doubt that whatever you feed is what you will grow!  It’s time for you to start moving forward if you truly want to achieve your highest potential in this lifetime!  No doubt there is a season for everything, like a season of mourning and/ or suffering.  But don’t let the season of pain,  of frustration and all that you are mourning or regretting dictate how you are living your life today.  To heal your life and reach your highest potential, you are the one who needs to change where you are placing your focus, your energy and then stay present as you place all of your attention on what you are craving to experience. 


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Don’t water what you don’t want!