Don’t let your doubts or fear stop you from all you seek!

I want to leave you with food for thought before you move deep into this next New Year!  Don’t ever give up!  Fight and run looking forward with all your power and strength and refuse to give up.  Don’t stop!  Don’t give up to your fears, doubts or emotions.  Above all, please know with all your heart and soul that when you willingly endure whatever life throws at you, you will be strong enough to maintain a good attitude if you stay focused.  Strengthen yourself with all your        might and trust that you will reach your highest potential as you manifest for your life your hearts desires. 

 If we choose to succeed in life and reach our highest potential, we need to develop endurance to withstand any battle or difficulty!  That is what I have had to do and you can do it too!  Whether you know it or not, you possess great power! If you feel weak or lacking in courage and strength, call in your Power Angels!  Our Creator has 

Difficulties and challenges comes to all people; those difficult times are not meant to destroy us but rather to strengthen us and make us better than before. Don’t talk about the problems you are facing because you are giving them too much power and energy.  Instead, believe that your future will be bright and bountiful. Continually speak only words of abundance and positivity because those words are helping you build up your mental muscle to keep you energized. Quitters always look back at their lives with regret and the “if only” thoughts. Be bold!  Be brave and be determined to refuse to allow the enemy to take you out!

The difficult times that you may be going through are not permanent but simply a discouraging season of your life, a time to regroup your thoughts, ideas and prepare to move in a renewed way. Don’t make a judgment based on something that is temporary.  In order to manifest for your life and reach your highest potential, you must believe and trust that God has a plan for your life.   It is important for you to know and believe that He wouldn’t be allowing this to happen if he didn’t see the bigger picture.  He sees your future and it is grand.  Focus only on the blessings and joy in your life because that is where the power is. On our web site under products and also on our Facebook pages, we offer many tools for you to stay in the right frame of mind and maintain the right attitude.  The Power Angel Adult cards are just one of those tools.  Take advantage of them today and be the witness to your life improving one day and one step at a time.

 When you go through situations or challenges that you don’t understand, that is the time to take a step back and become the observer of your life.  You will begin to realize that this is not your whole story…it is simply a chapter that was meant to help you grow stronger and become better than you were before.  As we start this New Year of 2018, don’t let your doubts or fear stop you from all you seek to enjoy!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, January 2, 2018