Don’t drift away from your possibilities!

We tend to drift in our lives and give into negative circumstances; in other words, we lose sight of our goal.  If you are like me and desire to manifest for your life your highest potentiality then you must be consistent and tie your hopes to your Heavenly Father’s promise. He is the one who created you and said you will fulfill your destiny.  If you are in doubt because it has been a long time waiting and therefore you forget to keep your focus, then I want you to know you absolutely possess great power within to succeed.  No one said your journey would be easy and smooth. You may have a good reason to give into your limiting thoughts; I am not denying the possibilities of defeat in life. We often live in worry, doubt and fear yet I want you to make time to regroup your thoughts and re-program your mind so as to keep your hope in the Lord.

 It’s time for you to stir up your hope, maintain positive thoughts and believe in all good possibilities that are deemed yours.  If you keep your mind, body and spirit anchored to hope and possibilities, you will in the right timing reach your highest potentialYou have a purpose and you will manifest in your life but you are the one who must keep the right perspective and stay strong. 

Our struggles and challenges are not meant to stop us but rather to strengthen us.  You have a purpose and you will fulfill it if you choose to stay focused. I believe in you! What was started in your life will be accomplished!  That is your promise.  It is deemed for you to reach for your best life yet; however, if you continually limit your beliefs, your thoughts and let go of your anchor of hope, you will drift away from your purpose and lose your way.

Don’t let other people talk you out of what’s in your heart.  You need to continually believe in all possibilities.  Believe you will receive all that you have dreamt about.  One of your major jobs right now is to stay hopeful!  Stay anchored in hope and possibilities not doom or gloom. 

 The enemy doesn’t want you to be free and hopeful; He would like you to feel depressed and defeated!  Don’t allow that to happen to you and your life. This is the time to empower yourself!  When you start to feed into a pity party, shift your thoughts and move into positive possibilities.  You can do it!  I know!  That negative state of mind is easy to slide into and I have been there often, however, when that happens, I dig my heels in; I become stronger and alert.  That is when I change my thoughts and beliefs and re-direct my thoughts to those that will serve me so I can and will reach my highest potentiality!  Never doubt that God has you in the palm of his hand! You don’t know the whole picture. Stay in faith, hope and possibilities!  Don’t allow the storms of life to weaken you, instead, stay grounded, confident and determined to anchor yourself to remain in the state of peace. That is how you will most definitely manifest for your life as you reach your highest potential.

Stay anchored to hope and possibilities! Empower yourself to stay encouraged and remain uplifted!  You can do it!

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017