Don’t be a slave to negative thinking!

 The enemy would love to have you remain a slave to your life, your past experiences, your hurts, pains and rejections. Just because things haven't worked out for you in the past doesn't mean you have to continually struggle and believe the lie that you are a slave to your past.   It is your job, your responsibility, to tell the enemy that you are indeed, a child of the most High Creator of the Universe.  That means you are free and whole to think positive wonderful thoughts as you excel in your life.  Don't allow your past to dictate your life today or tomorrow.   You do not need to succumb to the addictions of negative thoughts.  You were created to be free—a free thinker, a free spirit, a blessed victorious person.

 Some people are so content and comfortable being a slave to their mind that they don't think they are worthy of moving out of that state.  Don't let a poverty mentality dictate your life!  You absolutely have resources that will help you move away from your lack.  You absolutely have the ability to call in your Power Angels into your life and ask them to help you learn how to empower yourself.  You absolutely have, as part of your birthright, the desire built within that will allow you to break away from your limited beliefs and be strengthened to move away from a slave mentality and accept an abundance mentality. 

Isn't it time for you to empower yourself and start believing that you deserve to live like a child of your Creator, that you deserve to move into a renewed sense of worth, a renewed outlook that will lead you towards reaching your highest potential?

Change your mental outlook--refuse to accept a slave mentality and begin to realize that you are entitled to accept a healthy, positive mindset.  If you are feeling uncomfortable and feel unworthy, call in your Power Angels to show you how to gain clarity of vision, improved self-confidence because you are destined to do great things.  You can reach your highest potential if and when you change your beliefs so you will change the way you live. 

 Shake off the slave mentality and begin having an empowered mentality.  If you want to move towards a victorious life, you have to do something to make it happen.  Empower yourself today to break the chains of negative thinking and believe you deserve to reach your highest potential.  You can feel whole and content; however, you are the one who has to gain in strength and fight for the change you seek for your life.  If you feel weak, remember to ask your Power Angels to help you and they will.  You cannot see yourself as a slave and at the same time reach your highest potentiality!  You have seeds of greatness within you so start acting like that.  Be bold and know that you have resources at your disposal to call in and give you the support you are seeking.  

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017