Don’t be inpatient?

I, for one, have been impatient more often than none in my life.  My expectations to receive something more than I already have has often frustrated me and caused me to be annoyed with my situation and myself. As of this time, I still have not reached my highest potential nor been I been able to manifest in my life all that I have desired yet I refuse to give in or give up on my dream.  Now I have grown to understand that when I change your emotions, I have the opportunity to change my fate.   Do you feel the same in  or for your life?

It is easy to believe in your dreams but faith without patience just might rob you of all that you have hoped to receive.  I believe that my season for my greatest joy is right in front of me!  I feel it in my heart and soul.  Yes, there have been times when I felt the need to be in a hurry but as I have grown and progressed in the process of my life, I have come to realize and understand that my timing is not the timing of the Lord.  So the question is:  Do I need to lose my passion and vision because I have not enjoyed my heart’s desires yet or do I place all my trust and faith in the Lord and let Him show me the way, fill my life with great blessings and all the riches that I have been expecting and dreaming to experience?   My steps are being divinely guided and just realizing that one point tells me that I will manifest in my life and reach my highest potential just the way I have dreamt about.  My timing is not the right timing!  I now know that truth!  I have learned to release my frustration, my upset mentality and instead place all my thoughts, energy and belief in a power far greater than myself.  It is important to maintain a good attitude, take positive action and continually walk in the right direction so that in the proper timing you, too, will reach your highest potential as you are manifesting in your life.

Don’t let your circumstances destroy your positive mental outlook.  You are being taught to be patient and at peace, you are being shown to calm down and relax.  You are being prepared to go places that you never dreamt were possible.  This is the time for you, instead to prepare yourself for your greatest moments. Don’t get discouraged! Have faith and patience and know that your character is being promoted and developed.  Stop comparing your life with someone else’s.  Stop rushing and pushing for what you want.  Understand clearly that your timing may not be the right timing that your Infinite Intelligence has designed for you. Your Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture.  He knows what you need and He is still working on your behalf.  Be patient and go through the waiting period with joy and the expectation that your life is being guided for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way. 

Be grateful that you are being directed and supported so that you can and will reach your highest potential and your greatest joy.  Continually pray for courage and strength and believe, without a shadow of a doubt that you are being prepared to experience your best life yet!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, July 25, 2017