Does fear control you?

Most of us subscribe to fear every day without being conscious of it consequences. But in truth, fear exhausts us and sucks the life force out of us. So why do we fall into its trap and subscribe to its message? It is through our lack of understanding and wisdom that we accept fear and allow it to take over our lives. I have seen the destructive power of fear. It seduces us, courts us and even promises us wisdom and protection but in truth it does the opposite in each and every category. So what is fear and why do we allow it to take over our lives?

Fear is the opposite of trust and faith. When we choose to live in the state of fear we are actually engaging in unpleasant emotions that encourage us to dread and become apprehensive about living. For most people, our emotions run our lives and as a result, we are continually living with worry or doubt as we experience a state of heightened discomfort and stress. Our vision becomes distorted, our perception deceives and our mind is continually seeking negative solutions to life's challenges as we fail into victim hood.

Fear does have some legitimate uses and functions but for the most part it definitely needs to be controlled and contained if we are to live a well-balanced life. For example, fear is definitely a natural response to physical and emotional danger as it warns us against imminent harm. But in most cases it has the opposite effect on people because it tends to scream out in panic and trigger a negative response. Fear is often encouraged by our ego minds because the mind loves to be in control of our thoughts and actions or lack thereof. Some how our personal demons grab hold of our thoughts and cause us to focus on the dark side of life. When that happens we usually become paralyzed and unable to function properly. That state in and of it self causes us to be manipulated and controlled by our emotions. We can never be free if we allow our emotions to take a strong hold over our lives and our sense of well-being. In truth, that state is void of freedom and deprives us of feeling whole and well. When we feel infringed upon or feel threatened, we tend to lose focus and lash back often without reason because fear restricts the heart and clouds our thinking skills.

So how do we redirect our fears and create a balance of purpose in our lives? In simple terms, we need to neutralize fears and keep them in check. Staying alert and mindful of what causes you to be afraid and what the trigger points are can help you dissolve them and move further into a state of consciousness. The more you are willing to stay alert and mindful of your present moments and feelings the easier it will become for you to live in the proper frame of mind or manner of behavior that will be more balanced and real.

If you allow your negative emotions to take control of your life, it will eat at your soul, deprive you of wholesome relationships and prevent you from living a life of joy and contentment. The more fearful we become, the weaker we also become, which means the less willpower we possess. I encourage my students to say this mantra when they feel challenged by life and sink into a state of fear: " I trust in the process of life and I believe and know that God is in control and has got my back. All is well in my world." I know that simple statement works. I encourage you to try it and feel and see the shift in your life. Say it often every day with time you will begin to believe it.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, March 5, 2013