Does everyone deserve an education?

That is the question that some powerful militant leaders in some parts of the world challenge but I believe the response is quite simple YES. I am not speaking to higher education, my thoughts simply go to primary and secondary education because when an individual and a nation believe that an educated human being [male or female] is better prepared to be a responsible human being, everyone benefits. An education offers hope and new possibilities.

No person can lead a fruitful life without some form of education. When a person learns the basic fundamentals for survival and acquires tools for personal improvement that person is better prepared to function and contribute to society. Through the gift of receiving an education people immediately raise potentiality and standards of living. A healthy vibrant person is one who has a world open for him/her that can and will improve vision, thoughts and creativity in ways that otherwise would have been closed to them. Without question, those who are fortunate

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to receive a higher degree, on average perform better and usually contribute in a greater way. Having the freedom to receive an education in the basic skills of reading writing and mathematics develops ones mind and spirit.

It is usually fear and masculine-controlled energy that attempts to curtail the girls and women because they want to express their superiority and power. While that attitude and behavior worked for many civilizations as people were controlled through fear and manipulation, today it is no longer tolerated. It is apparent that our present times are opening doorways and avenues that are now showing women and girls many new and wonderful experiences that are offering freedom, opportunity and equality.

Having an education is truly a right and a privilege for all of us. Some people squander it while others savor every word and thought because they understand the value and the gift. All forms of education can benefit ones life and improve standard of living. An education gives no guarantee but it does offer a chance at new possibilities and that in it self is a benefit. Benefits are what the fourteen-year-old Pakistan teen, Malala believed she would receive when she and other girls and women were free to partake in an education. It is those very benefits that has caused many men and militant leaders in the world to attempt to stop this forward movement and that is why Malala was shot in the face and left to die. Yet, by the grace of God she is continually proving to the world how one strong-minded individual with the power of her inner strength and courage is showing the underdeveloped countries that everyone has a right to an education.

Control and fear of losing control over women is what is standing in the way. Fanatical religious pronouncements make them look like the barbarians of centuries past; but make no mistake, once the door is opened even with just a small flicker

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of light showing through, there is no going back. These barbarians are exposed for whom they are cowards who live in fear and dictators who control through fear and deprivation.

The battle is certainly not won but the enemy is weaker and their power and message are being diluted. Malala is now the new face of female freedom acquired through education. She is the symbol and advocate for all those who choose to walk and talk freely and who challenge the fear tactics of the barbarians.

All I can say to those children and people who don't take their education seriously: " Don't squander your freedom and right to receive a good education because there is great power through education." Learn more about people like Malala and thank God each and every day for your freedom to read, write and think with wisdom and understanding.

"Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world."--Malala

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013