Does change frighten you?

Do you realize that if you were willing to change your attitude, your behavior and your environment, you would be able to improve the quality of your life? Do any of you have friends and relationships that are totally negative, totally disruptive and totally filled with low-based energy? This may be the time in your life to re-evaluate where you are and where you want to go. If you are totally surrounded by people who are negative, angry, hateful, fearful, resentful, always complaining and always thinking of a way to connive and get even with somebody, then you are going to absorb those low-based energies. You have to, whether you think so or not. It is very difficult to shed that negative energy unless you are truly conscious and willing to do the work required to keep your energy field vibrating at a pure level.

There are various degrees of negativity that most of us overlook. Some examples might be: your home is excessively cluttered you leave your shoes or other things all over the place hoping somebody else would pick them up, or you ignore them and just trip over them. You could be an excessive collector or hoarder of clothing or other items that causes you to become a pack rat or you might be continually complaining and seeing the downside to everything. In

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order to cleanse your mind, body and spirit, you have to cleanse your environment because all of that goes hand in hand.

If you have decided that it is time for you to take control of your life rather then allow some outside force to dictate your outcome, you will need to be honest and truthful with yourself. We are the only ones who can travel on the road to our personal success you alone travel on your pathway and you alone get to decide the type of journey that you want to experience.

Change is actually exhilarating! Remember each one of us has freewill -that is part of our birthright. You have the power to change and ignite your fire so that you can experience good health, wealth and wisdom. It is up to you to take the action steps that will propel you in a forward movement so your life can be successful as you grow in self-confidence, power, happiness, joy and prosperity.

As you read this article, you may be saying to yourself you got to be kidding I don't believe this! Yet I want you for just this moment to put your doubt aside and read on because in truth the Universe can only give you what you believe you deserve. If you do not make the decision to change your old paradigm from believing that anger, resentment and fear will better serve you than inner peace, harmony and balance, you will be doomed to a life of just that. Life doesn't have to be an eye for an eye in order to make it right. It would better serve all of us, if we could transmute all of that negative energy into loving energy.

When I speak of love, I am not speaking to sexual love that is only a small grain of sand compared to the true essence and full meaning of the word. Each and every one of us is love. We come from love and some day we will return to that love. I encourage you

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to take the time to explore deeper the meaning of my words and follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong. The rewards are great!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Mother Teresa

Joan Marie Ambrose
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012