Do you want to be loved?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I hope you do not think this is a silly question. Today I heard on a TV show that a dear friend of Whitney Houston said that she did not die because of drugs, it was simply that she wanted to be loved. Okay those words sting me and caused me to think. Don't we all want to be loved? I mean, isn't that human nature to desire to be touched, hugged, stroked and

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of course loved?

I have seen some people put on a guise of leave me alone because they are afraid of love but in their heart of hearts, they crave it like the rest of us. Some people have pets that will give them love because they fear the commitment from humans but one way or the other, it has been shown that man responds
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in a healthier way to all aspects of life when he feels loved, respected and valued.

I believe that man is born of love and one day we will all return to love. The only question we will have to respond to is: "Have we loved?" When we are in balance and in harmony with the Universal Force, the Almighty one, we are love. There is nothing greater than love even though we seem to spend more energy in the lower based arena of anger, resentment, greed and guilt.
Love is the greatest healing power on the planet and it has the energy to transform us if we are willing to allow it into our hearts and soul.
Betty wanted to be loved. After all, she had five husbands who all died before her. She did not divorce or leave her husbands and as her Grandson-in law told me, they all died with a smile on their face. But the reality is, every human being wants to feel love at some point in his or her lives. So why don't we work hard to show that we want to share and care in a loving way towards others? As I continue to grow older, I realize that love is first and foremost the most beautiful attribute that man can possess. When we were born, we were welcomed into the world surrounded by caring and loving people and when we die, most of us are surrounded by those who want to hold our hand and let us know that are loved even if that feeling comes from a complete stranger. When I spent time with Betty, I loved ever moment of it because it afforded me the opportunity to share with someone else the pure essence of life.
I love and respect myself, so I do not find it difficult to share those feelings with others. Love in the sexual sense is but one small facet of the meaning. As I state in my book:"Hello, Is Anybody Listening?" true love first of all begins with self. You must love yourself first and then your neighbor as yourself. I believe that if you do not and cannot love yourself, it is impossible to have those wonderful feelings for another.

I encourage you to think about my words because if you want to be loved, then I ask you to start with bestowing those feelings upon yourself first and then you will begin to see that those same feelings will spill out over others.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012