Do you value yourself?

Do you allow what others think about you determine your value or worth?  In truth, when you feel and believe in your personal self value and worth, you are stating that you recognize, appreciate, accept and confidently know you are worthy because you have something inside of you that is special.  You are a child of the most high God and for that one reason, you should feel good about who you are. Place your value on who you are not on how you perform or on what others say you are.  Your value should be based on your Source not on how you perform.  We all make mistakes and feel inadequate but your value should still be there and acknowledged.  It is your responsibility to empower yourself! 

 Do you have to prove that you are good enough to others or do you believe you are enough just the way you are?  In truth, you do not have to prove or approve of yourself through the eyes of others.  Popularity is not the marker that determines who you are.  When you empower yourself and know who you are, you are showing the world that you are okay just the way you are.  That truth is very freeing!  Take the pressure off yourself; you should feel good about yourself just because you are ‘You.’

Don’t allow your identity to be caught up in what others say!  The best way to empower yourself is to get your value, self-worth and approval from your Source.  Your value and worth should be determined by how you feel and you should feel your value and worth within your heart and soul because that power only lies within your core.  That is how you transform your life and empower yourself!

Your value doesn't come from people it comes from your Creator.  He made you in His image and likeness.  Just knowing that truth should be more than enough to not only say but also look at your self in the mirror and see yourself as amazing.  That simple gesture will set you up to transform your life for the better.

Tell yourself throughout the day, I am amazing, I am special, I am part of the most High Creator therefore, I have value and worth! Once you know your true worth and value, no one can ever make you feel worthless.  Transformation comes to those who have the courage, the strength and the wisdom to know how to empower themselves in a wonderful and worthwhile manner because they believe in who they are, their value and their worth! 

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2017