Do you try to compare your life with others?

So often, I have found that people try

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to compare themselves and their lives with others. The youth of today are always attempting to compare themselves with their peers. In fact, they use those words with their parents when they want to get something or gain a point. It has become an epidemic in the world craving to keep up with what others possess.

It is actually easy to be you because you are equipped with what you need to have in order to fulfill your life's purpose and function. Too often we wish to have what someone else has but I would like to suggest that that approach to your joy will leave you flat and wondering why.

What I believe would better serve you and your desire to live a joy-filled life is to

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live your life with passion. Yes, be passionate about who you are, what you already possess and what you have the ability to create. This to me is a perfect message to the youth and the old alike.

I would like to take this message one step further. As we get older we sometimes let go of our dreams and give up believing that it is too late to fulfill them. I completely disagree! I have messages to get out into the world, things to do and accomplish and experiences that I want to enjoy. Don't be complacent with your life but instead, keep seeking, keep growing and keep learning. Get your passion back shake off your self-pity and your disappointments and turn to God and ask Him/Her to lighten your heart and soul and inspire you with ideas that will put the passion back in your life.

It is important to wake up in the morning with a purpose and a desire to accomplish a task. Put meaning back into your life. Find a hobby, an outlet that excites you and above all do it with joy and passion. It isn't important to look at your friends or neighbors and try to copy their lives because even if you tried to duplicate what they have, you would not feel happy or fulfilled. The reason is because what others have is meant for them to enjoy and experience. Their joys and experiences are different from yours. God gave you talents and gifts that are meant just for you. They belong to you and are tools that will enable you to find your joy. So stop comparing your life with what you see others have and start filling your life with hope and passion for what belongs to you.

Maybe you can't do everything that you used to do and it just might be true that your goals and dreams have changed and morphed into something different. In truth, as long as you are a feeling and breathing person, you can create, use your imagination and strengthen your passion with new possibilities that are waiting to be realized by you.

Joel Osteen, the American televangelist said: "Disappointment is inevitable but misery is optional."

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Monday, January 7, 2013