Do you strive to live a healthier life?

75 to 90 percent of all doctor visits are stress related according to recent studies. Does this statement ring a bell for you? Do you think about living a healthier and more productive lifestyle or are you too busy to give it any thought? If you are anything like me, you push your limits daily and try to squeeze into your day more jobs or activities than you are able to accomplish. I guess you can call me an "A" personality because I am always thinking and motivating myself to strive harder. But in truth, you can be a less motivated and even more sedentary personality who is worrying about things or feeling lack of support or of friendships when needed.

Managing your stress and anxiety is a full time job and one that needs your constant attention if you are attempting to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I often have people ask me how they can accomplish that task and I always say the same thing. You do not need to be a medical doctor or therapist or professional of higher learning to fully understand and appreciate the positive benefits of living a life in an environment with less stress, pressure and nervous tension.

So where do you begin to change and re-shape your thoughts, attitude and behavior, you might ask? Some techniques that are definitely helpful are:

1. Physical exercise Many people shy away from even the simplest forms of exercise but I can truthfully say that I am living proof that it absolutely works and leaves me with long lasting benefits. Even the art of simple stretches has its rewards. It reallydoesn'tmatter what age you are, stretching daily opens the muscles and joints and allows air to flow within thus helping you to maintain a healthier body.
2. Meditation --I receive thousands of excuses from people who say that meditation is too hard and they always fall asleep during the process. All I have to say is: "Practice makes perfect!" I meditate daily, but having said that, I want to clarify. You do not need to sit in a yoga position or chant a phrase in order to relax your mind. One practice that I enjoy is meditating upon waking up in the morning because then I have no excuse that I am rushed and can't fit it into my schedule. But if there is a time when that exercise is not practical, I have found that spending time in nature or outdoors is relaxing, grounding and without a doubt conducive to releasing stress, anxiety and tension.

3. Deep breathing -breathe deeply and fill your gut, your abdomen with the healing energy of the Universal Flow. We all have a lot of toxins in our bodies and deep breathing is one of the ways to naturally release up to 70 percent of toxins within the body. Deep breathing also can improve your lymph system and cleanse it from toxins as it allows your cells to fill with an optimal exchange of oxygen.

When you consciously breathe deeply, you begin to realize how this exercise naturally relaxes you and sends signals to your brain to slow down and release. This specific practice can be accomplished at any time and in any place and it works too! After all, we all need to breathe so why not do it meaningfully and deeply because once again the benefits are life altering.

One point I would like to make:

�� It is up to you to take control over your emotions and mental attitude.

�� It is up to you to find natural solutions that will work for you.

�� It is up to you to seek a life that is healthier because you choose it. After all we each get one body and one change to enjoy it to our fullest so why not make the effort to create a healthier life. I know that that is my goal and I hope it is yours too.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, October 15, 2012