Do you speak about others with loving kindness or condescension?

gossip graphicGossip, idle talk,unkind words are spoken daily through television, social media and simple conversations but I would like to suggest that maybe it would be nice to go out of your way to make some one else feel honored and special by finding something kind to say. When you make others look good you feel good too. Don't be too busy or ready to spread ill will instead, make honoring others a new habit for yourself and your life. Say I love you to those you care about or say something nice about someone that you are speaking about. It makes them feel loved and appreciated as well as feeling great.

When you treat others kindly, your energy shifts and you too begin to feel better. Start to be conscious of how you speak about others and start to think of the ways that you can make others feel better. When you speak thoughtful words to others, others will respond in kind. This may not be something that naturally comes to you, but you can cultivate that wonderful habit and begin to brighten someone else's life. In truth, people tend to be more thoughtful and considerate when they are treated that way too. If we all began to set out and say something kind to another, just think how the world energy would shift and be uplifted. You see it is a principle of life: When you encourage and express loving kindness to others, you too become honored appreciated and engulfed in lovin

g-kindness too.

So today I encourage you to not just think about those whom you are proud of but express your feelings---say it in words that they will receive and accept. Don't be quick to discount others, instead seek the positive in others. Be generous with your compliments and minimize the negative. There is always something negative that we can find but saying and express something uplifting and kind is rewarding. For you to feel love also means that you need to express love towards others too.

I know that if you start to take to heart these words, you will begin to uplift your physiology as well as those around you. We all have some shortcomings but we also have some strong points that too often go unnoticed---but we can easily change that perception and belief and as it does, you will discover that others will begin to overlook your shortcomings and seek out your good points.

Don't fall into the trap of say negative words about others. To make others look wrong is a disgrace and disrespectful towards them. Break that habit and change your way of looking at others. Start to look at others through loving and caring eyes.

Peace-love-kindness graphicRemember what you sow is what you reap. Protect your family and friends. Express the spirit of honor and love and you will experience those same characteristics. Remember what comes around goes around. So begin to let your conscience be your guide express yourself kindly and see your best being experienced by others too.

Make it a habit to express a loving kind word each day to someone I know your life and the world within which you live will improve a hundred fold.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, March 26, 2014