Do you shoot yourself in the foot?

Do you start to take yourself out because you get discouraged when your life doesn't go your way and then you shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak, by feeding into your negative thoughts? You cannot speak about defeat and expect to be successful. We all have negative thoughts but the key is not to discuss your negativity instead be positive and talk yourself into your joy and your opportunities. We all have doubts and wonder if we are able to move forward and enjoy our successes but you cannot feed into those doubts. Stop putting yourself down and stop thinking that way because it is destructive, instead start believing in your dreams, start believing in your capabilities and start trusting that what you really desire can and will come to you. If you stop focusing on your negative thoughts and beliefs and start placing your focus on your possibilities, your energy shifts and your frequency improves.

There is a time and a plan for everything; I have come to realize that what I want and what I am capable of receiving at this moment are two different things and if I am not energetically or emotionally prepared I will not be able to bring it into my life. Why you might ask? Because my vibration level doesn't match who I am at this moment I didn't own it from the depths of my soul and as a result I am unable to magnetize it into reality. If I am not vibrating at the right level what I desire then I will not be capable of attracting the right situation and/or people, That energy will not be attracted into my energy field. My job right now is to get ready, raise my awareness and get prepared energetically so that I will have the strength and stamina to become sufficiently creative and imaginative to move in the proper direction, the direction that leads me to say with all my soul and heart, I am ready to receive because I believe in the depths of my soul that it belongs to me.

If you have a difficult situation in your life, stop speaking about your difficulty and start making positive affirmations that will give life to your joy. If you are saying words and statements that invite struggle and lack, you are inviting that into your life. Think about inviting increase and success into your life. Pay attention to what you are saying and start using words and wise thoughts that are inviting flow and new opportunities into your life and your energy field. Words like, "I trust the process of life and I am grateful that my life is flowing easily and effortless" are good examples.

You must call into your life and energy field those thoughts and words that affirm and confirm your capabilities. You have heard the expression,"Fake it till you make it!" I am no different than the rest of you, I too, receive negative thoughts and feelings but I refuse to linger there. I definitely utter believing thoughts of encouragement and of positive belief until It feels right and I start believing it. I say words that lighten my mind and my heart. For example, I am continually saying: "I am rich." That simple statement feels right and good to me so I say it and feel into it and I actually feel my energy rise and shift. So I ask you to stop focusing on your negative words and thoughts - start breaking down and weakening the hold that your negative thoughts have and start building on your possibilities. If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all. Don't verbalize your negative thoughts or feelings but begin to impact your life with a new way of living and experiencing.

Nothing is impossible to those who believe, so I encourage you to become a believer in yourself and watch the goodness begin to flow. Stop talking about the problems and stop complaining that is when you must change your outlook and trust in the possibilities that God has in store for you. Even if something looks impossible, don't fall into the trap of accepting the challenges and resigning that your life is falling apart. When you don't see a way out, stop shooting yourself in the foot and stop giving your problems and your negative thoughts life. Just like the song: ���Tomorrow' you, too, can wake up to new possibilities.

Tomorrow by Musical "Annie"

The sun'll come out


Bet your bottom dollar

That tomorrow

There'll be sun!

Maybe it is time for you to memorize the lyrics of that say and sing it often. It will definitely lift your energy and help you to stop shooting yourself in the foot.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, August 14, 2013