Do you settle in life?

Don't settle imageToo often I come across those who have simply settled with their life and feel complacent. That is a sorry story! To give up and settle in life keeps you from experiencing your best. I know that I want so much more and in truth we all should. Getting motivated and being willing to stretch yourself to seek more is a natural instinct that needs to be cultivated if it is to grow within you.

I believe it is our birthright to be prosperous and abundant and I know that our Creator wants us to experience great joy and inner peace, that is why I will never give up or give into complacency. I may be in a slow period of my life where things are not going my way but that does not mean that that is who I am. Being stuck or not moving in the flow usually means that I need to re-think my plan of attack and re-start my engine. No matter what life looks like right now, I know that I have a purpose. This is not the time to sit back and get complacent but rather a time to get motivated, seek new opportunities and get creative. I do not want to settle for something less than what I truly crave. Keep reminding yourself that your Creator wants you to have abundance and joy so if that is a truth (and I believe it is) then what do you need to do to jump start you and begin to work towards that goal. Just think about it, all the world athletes and renowned entrepreneurs have had to fight the same battle. I am sure there were times when they felt as though they were not going to make it---it was too difficult and painful yet, they never gave up! They may have faltered and slowed down, but only long enough to get a second wind, but then they picked themselves up by the bootstraps and pushed harder because they believed in their potentiality. Their strong desire to be successful and a winner was and is the driving force that has kept them in the game.

If you are struggling to make ends meet or simply not happy with the way your life has turned out, remind yourself of all those possibilities that are waiting to be embraced by you and refuse to become complacent or lazy. Living with integrity means that you must be in your truth and the truth is that you should never settle for something less than what you have imagined. If you can dream it and crave it, then it belongs to you.

choose success image No one ever said that the journey was going to be easy but

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over and over again in my lifetime I have heard the words spoken aloud and then within the recesses of my soul: Don't let anyone or anything get the best of you. You can succeed you will succeed. As always each one of us gets to choose what type of life we want to experience. I for one choose a life filled with abundance; that is, a life of abundant joy, happiness, success and yes wealth. How about you?

Losses have propelled me to even bigger places, so I understand the importance of losing. You can never get complacent because a loss is always around the corner. It's in any game that you're in - a business game or whatever - you can not get complacent. --Vanessa Williams


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Friday, March 28, 2014