Do you set time aside for yourself?

We all are giving time, money and energy to everybody else around us but how often do we give this same vibration to ourselves? Do you pay attention to your personal needs, wants and desires or do you always come up short? We do not have to be abused by anybody else in the world because we are too often doing that to ourselves (merely due to the fact that we fall short of listening to the messages that are meant just for us). How, you might ask? When we eat the wrong foods or we don't dress properly for the weather or even take too many pills or other addictive substances that could cause us harm. I have often witnessed people who don't pay attention to their aches and pains and consequently end up suffering from some terrible sickness or disease. It doesn't just happen over night this pattern often happens over time.

We just don't wake up one day and say: "Oh God, I have a heart problem or I have diabetes or cancer." It just doesn't happen that way it is a slow process. We simply haven't been paying attention to the signs and clues that the Universe has been trying to send to us. Max Lucado wrote, "How far do you want God to go in getting your attention? If God has to choose between your eternal safety and your earthly comfort, which do you hope he chooses? God does what it takes to get our attention."

Each one of us is born with the cells within us that have the power to be abnormal and dysfunctional and to invade areas of our bodies. But that will never happen if you don't feed into that belief system. It would serve you greatly if you would pay attention to what you value, where you place your trust and choose to move into the energy of love, joy and inner peace. When you live with positive energy and in alignment with our Creator, you discover that you are not usually challenged or crippled by the painful state of disease. Your body always responds exactly to the way that you think, act and believe is possible or not.

Once your body feels loved and receives and understands the message of love, it will give that love back to you. You will feel alive, vital and content. I, therefore, encourage you to take the easy way out and simple do what your body is longing to receive from you. Every morning before you get out of bed, stroke yourself, hug yourself and send love messages to your body. If you visualize a healthy and supple body, you will send those messages to your body and it will respond in kind. I have often observed people who have arthritic fingers and hands that make me cringe. I have shared my morning ritual with family members and friends on how I send love to my fingers daily as I massage them. My hands are youthful and straight. I love and appreciate them and let them know how I feel. Yet these same people only look at me with doubt and a snicker as if to say you got to be kidding. I absolutely am not kidding and yes, I do this exercise daily.

I encourage you to

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explore experience and discover the healing that will begin within your very being when you open your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your heart to feel the power of the Creator when you seek its loving guidance.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, August 2, 2012