Do you like to read It can improve your quality of life

You would be surprised to learn how many people do not like to read and actually do all they can to avoid it. Reading books, magazines, short stories or even having the curiosity to read about how things work is interesting, often entertaining and quite possibly informative. I like to read about the important topics of the day because I want to learn first hand what is vital and important for my benefit. I believe that it is definitely to my advantage to make sound choices and decisions based on my educated decisions and choices. If and when I am stymied about something, I ask for help and guidance. Asking lots of questions helps me find the right answers.

Did you know that people who read and are informed get hired quicker, have fewer problems and are more connected in life? Why, you might ask? It is because they are better-informed, better able to cope and more disciplined to find solutions to every day situations. They are certainly more interesting and entertaining and without a doubt are able to enhance their creative talents because they are continually stimulating their imagination.

Reading opens the door to various opportunities. An active and creative mind

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is always seeking new ways for adventure, exploration and enjoyment. I am continually reading the newspapers and books for my personal growth and development and I find that a good book affords me some quiet entertainment and pleasure. Frequently before I go to bed, I have found that spending time in reading quiets my mind and relaxes my body, which for me is always a good thing.

My grandchildren read books before they go to bed at night and with their creative imagination, they are stimulating their brains to seek and find new avenues for getting their questions answered. That, too, is a good thing.

I have found that many people are seeking and searching for answers to their life's challenges and they sometimes just stand around and get angry that they are not getting ahead. Even some of those who stand on street corners and beg for money are holding a very narrow view of life. In most parts of the world there are free public libraries that offer numerous tools for personal development and improvement. Opportunities are waiting to be explored and discovered and one's ability to read, to comprehend and to take advantage of the knowledge placed in front of one's self is all that is needed to become successful

Many people today are looking for sound bites short snippets of information and words that can be abbreviated in ad nauseam; as a result, reading skills are deteriorating and clear and sound thinking is declining. Even reading as a past time is decreasing as people are attempting to satisfy their individual leisure time and experiences through other channels. I love to get lost in the pages of my books where I find friendship and comfort or even sometimes compassion and concern for others. It has certainly broadened my horizons and opened my heart and soul to explore new opportunities and possibilities.

Statistics shows that one in five U.S. workers read at a lower skill level than their job requires and that proficient readers actually earn a higher weekly wage than those who have poor skills.

One point I would like to make and hope that you will benefit from it: Good readers generally experience greater opportunities, that is, financially, career wise, emotionally and mentally. I believe that fact is sufficient for me to say openly - reading can be fun, it can be informative and it can become a habit if and when you are willing to find a topic that is interesting, uplifting and entertaining. Make it a habit to challenge you daily and read something even if it is only a few lines in a newspaper or article. I think you will soon discover that you are allocating more and more time to this wonderful habit.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Friday, October 19, 2012