Do you love yourself?

finding the treasure within you I recently heard a discussion on a talk show asking the viewers if they loved themselves. It was most enlightening to hear the various comments and even observe the looks on people's faces as they found it difficult to even discuss this topic. Unfortunately too many people have a low self-esteem problem and when they think about their bodies they more often than not have a negative comment.

I have often addressed this topic in workshops with people because I believe it is an important issue that needs more attention. Are you aware that your body is a living organism and therefore is aware of your thoughts and comments? So if, for example, you complain and state that you don't like your body because your stomach is bulging, the neck is sagging and your face has those terrible wrinkles, your body hears your comments and begins to respond accordingly. No one likes to be put down or insulted and that goes for your body too. With time, your body responds to you and begins to shut down. It can happen quickly or it can take years, but please understand, that it is preparing to give up and die or die off.

Our old cells are continually dying off and new cells are forming. Each cell completes trillions of actions every second and they respond to messages from other cells. Like all living things, cells come into being, grow, reproduce and die. When I first realized how our human physiology is constantly in a state of change, I asked myself the question. "If I am continually regenerating new cells, and let's say I am suffering from an illness or dis-ease, how come the new cells that are constantly being regenerated aren't regenerating as new healthy cells, thus enabling my body to fight off the problem and heal itself?"

I guess this must be an age-old question, but I personally believe that part of

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the answer is that we can and our body is doing just that. However, I further believe that our body will only regenerate healthy cells when we signal to it that that is what we want. In other words, if we send out signals of love, care and concern to our bodies and our cells, they will respond in kind. If, however, we send out signals of not caring depression, anger, hurt, guilt, etc., our bodies and cells will also pick up on these messages and allow unhealthy cells to be activated because it thinks we are signaling it to die off. I also understand this process can take years or even decades to play itself out; yet unconsciously, we are setting the stage for negative results to occur. This may sound simplistic, and maybe it is, but on the other hand, there is a lot of truth in this theory. So my question to you is: "Why not be your own testimony?" This practice costs you nothing but time. Just for a moment, put aside your disbelief and experiment with it. See for yourself if your body is responding favorably or not. It does have its own intelligence and it will let you know if this exercise in self-love is helpful or not.

Just recently, I received a call from a woman, Mary Beth, who wanted to sign up for my next workshop. She saw the flyer and knew that this was a program she needed. Mary Beth started to tell me that she is a "baby boomer" in her 60's and goes to the gym often to workout but that her body is in constant pain and discomfort. "I am trying to fight getting old and stiff. This body of mine is a pain!" I asked her if she talks to her body and sends it love. "Love," Mary Beth said, "I hate my body- it is feeling stiff and hurts all the time. I thought going to the gym would help me but I haven't gotten any positive results." I ask you, how can she possibly feel well and vital when she is continually sending negative messages to her body?

Tension in any part of the body restricts cellular activity vital to healthy tissues. Through the bodywork of stroking, massaging and sending signals of sincere love, we actually are sending responses to the cell membranes. Through the process of touch, we are bringing awareness to our entire body, mind and spirit and its effects are changing the way our cells, tissues, organs and overall well being responds and reacts. Listen to your body talk. It is constantly sending signals, warning signs letting you know that somewhere, something needs to be improved, balanced or regulated. Pay attention to your symptoms and regard them as clues. The more carefully you listen to your "body language" the sooner you will come to know what those symptoms mean and how you can trust or deal with them. That Little Inner Voice is continually talking to you. The big question is, are we listening?

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, March 5, 2014