Do you love the life you have?

Too often I hear people say that they hate the life that they have and wish for something else. Living a life built on wishes or desires for what others appear to possess only leads to greater resentment and despair. We all have hopes and dreams but it might better serve each one of us if we could learn to build on our hopes and dreams rather than push them away. Each one of us has the power to create more in our lives but itdoesn'thappen over night. It is a process and it takes time and discipline.

I actually love the life that I have even though I am constantly seeking to improve my life and reach higher for bigger goals and challenges to master. I am content with who I am and what I have achieved so far. I have grown to understand that my life is full of experiences and choices. When I choose wisely, my experiences are amazing but I must admit I have often chosen poorly or hastily and as a result been faced with experiences that have not been pleasant. Of course, I have had my share of sadness, worry or fear but I believe those feelings are all part of the learning curve. I have always worked on placing my focus on the task at hand because that process helps me stay centered and productive.

We all have low energy days but those days do not have to linger nor do they need to dictate our behavior or outcome. If you find that you are feeling stressed or weak today, go for a walk, exercise or do something different that will squash your poor mood and send a boast of energy to your mind and heart. Find something to laugh about or sing about and watch your energy shift and your mood improve.

Sometimes it is fear of the unknown that prevents us from loving our lives to the fullest. Many years ago when I was traveling in Egypt I became very much afraid. I had just joined a group of people who were preparing to go on a spiritual journey through the ruins of Egypt and Greece. At that time, as I am sure it is now, the police were carrying machine guns. They were stern and unapproachable and very intimidating. I subconsciously became afraid of my surroundings, which consisted of everything foreign and strange to me. In my state of utter apprehension and anxiety, I fell one night coming out of the bathtub and bruised my self severely. When I finally came back into consciousness, the message I received loud and clear was: "Fear Destroys!" I have never forgotten that experience nor have I lost sight of those words or their message.

At that moment I realized that I needed to love the life that I had at that time. I choose to partake in this adventure and I learned to adapt and replace my fear with acceptance, openness and joy. The situation that I placed myself in was not going to change. I was the one who needed to change, become calm, surefooted and comfortable with my surroundings.

My expectations of this journey improved as my sense of adventure and willingness to explore new territory changed. This trip opened me to see a different part of the world with new and eager eyes. Once I was able to hone in on my emotions and balance my energy, I started to enjoy the culture, traditions and history that I was privileged to encounter. The remainder of my trip was filled with excitement and enriching tales as I learned to love the life that was unfolding in front of me. Life can be incredibly enriching and exciting when we learn to appreciate the unknown and accept the unexpected.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012