Do you know who your friends are?

Angels have been around since the beginning of time. They are messengers of the Creator who lovingly help us mortals reawaken to the joys and happy experiences that are actually our birth right but it is up to us individually and collectively to call on their name and engage in their support. The angels love having any opportunity of visiting with you. They are always standing near by waiting for you to call them into your energy field. They have so much to say and

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they want you and me alike to know that if we are seeking the influence of self-empowerment to come into our life, then we need to ask Angel Sandolphon to come to our aid. The Angels want you to know that they are working on your behalf and that you will be blessed with great change. It is only for you to keep your focus on that which you are hoping to create and then have the courage to be patient as you take the appropriate steps to allow the process to unfold.

Just like you need to work your body if you want it to become strong and healthy, you also must do the same with your mind. Don't get lazy and complacent about your direction or outlook and don't rely on others to get you there, you need to be consistent and persistent in your ways. Let go of your fears because they will paralyze you and cause great pain. Let go of worry it never produces joy. Now is the time for you to let go of your negative thoughts of doubt, fear and worry---because they have only one mission---to keep you stuck.

Ask Angel Sandolphon to minister to you - to relax you and help you feel comfortable and safe as you open yourself up to receive all that has been reserved for you. If you are now ready to grow and change and to become the leader over your life the life that you are craving to experience, you must walk and talk with Angel Sandolphon, who is the angel of empowerment. Just like the word implies, the Angel of empowerment is strong and powerful and is ready to strengthen your resolve. He invites you to allow his energy to flow in and through you and simply relax your strong hold on doubt. Feel the physical force or strength of this loving angel as s/he is filling you with courage and a wonderful sense of safety and serenity. I enjoy spending time in quiet with Angel Sandolphon and simply sharing my thoughts and needs. S/he is always eager to enlighten my pathway so I have a clearer picture of the steps that I need to take in order to feel my power, my safety and my self-reliance.

He is definitely a wonderful ally to help you on your journey. As you begin to build up your self-confidence, you will begin to feel your strength increase and your beliefs grow stronger. Then you are better prepared to to make the right choices and the right decisions that will guide your journey. Only feelings of love, self-worth and a refreshing rebirth of inspiration and creative ideas will bring forth your clear vision and your ability to trust your innate gifts and talents. This is the time for you to breathe in deeply and give yourself permission to receive all the gifts that you deserve. Angel Sandolphon can help.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, August 15, 2013