Do you know what a ‘Huggin Pillow’ is?

We have developed a special product that will remind you constantly of the presence of the Power Angels in your life.  I have called it the “Huggin Pillow.”  It is made in USA. Pillow size is 16"x12" of 100% polyester cluster fiber and covered in all cotton sateen pillow case with various Power Angel characters on it and their little messages. Whether I hug it or simply take a look at it, I feel a sense of calm and inner peace that is lasting.  While I have experienced many challenges, struggles and heart-breaks in my lifetime, I have NEVER experienced debilitating sickness or disease.  I take no medication, or any pills and I live a healthy lifestyle emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and you can do the same if and when you are willing to make the right choices.  I believe my angel friends have been a source of encouragement, support and protection. I call them the Power Angels because I know they are given their power from their Creator who is also our Creator too.  Inner peace is vital for my health and wellbeing!  It helps me sleep well at night, and it helps me stay calm in the face of the numerous challenges that I face daily.  That is why I created this ‘Huggin Pillow I thought you, too, might like to enjoy and utilize this powerful energy that has been given to all of us by our Heavenly Father.

 While my “Huggin Pillow” won’t guarantee an improved state of mind, body or spirit, I know for sure it will help you change your point of view about your life and it will be a positive reminder that you, too, can enjoy a renewed state of living with greater inner peace and contentment. 

 Here is a beautiful testimonial from a Lifestyle Client- who has experienced great healing calling on her Angels.

                I’m so in love with these Power Angels I feel like a million           

                 bucks…when I stated working with Joan Marie I was

                 such a mess…and now I have what I need, and I am in

                 alignment and have tools! so excited about them I’ve never seen

                  anything like this before!

I love the Huggin Pillow.  I had a horrible headache, so I called on my Angels to help me heal this, I was shocked it went away so completely and thoroughly astonished!

  There was no residual of it the next day.  When I touched my head, it was    not even sore.  I couldn’t believe it… went away boom… I am so grateful for my ‘Huggin pillows’ and the Adult cards too!      Tracy

This beautiful ‘Higgin Pillow just might create some Mother’s Day Magic!


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018