Do you know about the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe?

There are seven major Natural Laws of the Universe that most people are not aware of yet we should be because they affect our lives whether we are aware of them or not. Knowing about the various aspects of each Law will most definitely help you in leading a more fulfilling and rewarding life. These Laws are unseen forces that govern every aspect of the Universe, which also includes our lives on Earth. I will attempt to touch on each Law and give my thoughts on each one of them in the hopes that you will become intrigued and eager to seek out more thorough information. You never know this information just might transform your life!

The Universe vibrates in perfect harmony and balance because of these Laws and I share them with you now in no particular order:

1. The Law of Attraction in simple terms means: "Like attracts like," so it would be wise to watch your thoughts and what you are wanting to attract or bring into your life. If you are continually focusing on lack of health, wealth, relationship or knowledge, you are attracting what you are thinking about and focusing on. It is true, what you say and what you think is what you will become. If you look at rich people or beautiful cars and say, I want it but I will never have it, you are actually setting yourself up not to receive it. Even though you admire it, you have told yourself that you will never have it, and the Universe gives to you what you are thinking, believing and saying.

2. The Law of Vibration - Everything in creation vibrates. Some things and people have a low vibration and others have a high and active vibration. It helps to be conscious of where you place yourself because that will determine how you are sending signals and expending energy towards others. For example, if you are vibrating at a high level, you most likely are attracting like-minded people and your circle of influence continues to grow in that direction. It would benefit you greatly to align yourself with good vibrations by choosing good thoughts that will resonate outwardly and product good results.

3. The Law of Cause and Effect Whatever you send out comes back to you it is like a boomerang. You are the cause for all the effects in your life. Always make sure that your intention is positive because what you say and what you think you will achieve. Some call it the Law of Karma.

4. The Law of Polarity is the law of opposites for example hot -cold; up - down, yin - yang. Polar opposites make existence possible. It is all about choices If you choose to turn the hot water on, you will only receive hot water. You made a choice and you received the results that you chose for yourself. Likewise, you can choose to have good thoughts about others or you can choose to have bad thoughts about others and what ever you choose is what you will see and experience. Remember good thoughts vibrate good energy and therefore produce good results. Make it a practice to refuse to think negative thoughts because they will only drag you down.

5. The Law of Detachment to hold too tightly to anything, suffocates it and causes it to wither and die. It is important to let go and release the outcome to a Higher Source in order to bring it into full bloom but likewise you need to continue to be passionate about your desire and intention. When you step into the field of infinite possibilities you are opening yourself up to receive what is for your highest and best good. Look with excitement and adventure at what is being brought to you and be open to receive what you Universe is offering It is always better than what you had imagined.

6. The Law of Rhythm There is a special pulse to the order of the Universe. It is as if there is a pendulum that is moving back and forth; such as, observing the tides move in and go out and night always follows day and the four seasons follow each other in sequence and perfect timing. So I guess you can simplify it by saying that there is a time for everything to be manifest and that time is perfect in the order or rhythm of the Universe. So if you are going through dark times right now, hang in there knowing that good times are just around the corner. How you handle your life will determine your outcome if you continually doubt and worry, those time will continue because that is what you are focusing on, so learn to understand this Law and watch your life transform. It absolutely takes hope and faith to know that the tide will change for you so keep up the faith and believe that your time is coming.

7. The Law of Gestation Gestation is a process; for example a period of time that it takes for something, like a thought or an idea or even a baby to be born. Nothing was conceived in one moment and brought to manifest the next. It is a process that needs to unfold and that takes time and patience. We often want to make it happen or

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push the process along but that too often only causes the process to backfire. It takes perfect faith to trust and believe in yourself and your ideas and then release them into the able care of the Universe. It is all about perfect timing and only the Universal Source knows when it will occur. How are you utilizing these Laws in your Life?

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, February 26, 2013