Do you have a strong sense of courage?

Courage is the ability to confront fear, doubt and often intimidation and still be willing to continue.

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A strong sense of courage is to tell your story with your whole heart and with integrity. To have the courage to understand that you are perfect because you are born in the image and likeness of God, your Creator. You may have done things in your life or had things done to you that caused you to feel less than perfect, whole or complete yet to understand that no matter what you have done they are simply experiences that you chose or needed to encounter in order to heal in this lifetime.

I know who I should be in order for me to arrive at the door of my greatness; it is a place where I am in alignment with the energy of Creation. Too often in life we work hard at being in control of our feelings and emotions, which in itself is not good or bad, it simply is a way to protect ourselves from feeling exposed or vulnerable. In my youth, I have, most of the time, felt uncomfortable in exposing my authentic self. In truth, I had no clue what those words even meant at that time but I did completely understand that I didn't want my feelings to be toyed with so that I would feel embarrassed or open for ridicule. Now as I have grown in wisdom and knowledge, I understand that it is not about being uncomfortable but more about the willingness to invest in the time---relationship or experience to help me reach my desired goal.

The words, "I have never done that before" are words that have surfaced in my head on many occasions in my life as I ventured into unknown territory. I was always pushing myself forward because I had a strong need to grow, learn and share my voice my messages. No one needed to say those words to me, just the thought of never having been in that position before, exploring those situations or being placed under those circumstances was all I needed to be reminded that if I wanted to move out of the box that I comfortably placed myself into, I was the one who needed to break out and become open and vulnerable to new possibilities. Yes, sometimes my new possibilities were extremely challenging and sometimes my new possibilities caused me to sweat and endure very long hours of anxiety but I soon discovered, the triumph that I encountered as a result was worth the discomfort from my self-inflicted fears, worry and self-doubt.

Wise words from one of our recent clients have stuck in my head and I would like to share them with you. "I have said that conquering yourself is the hardest thing a person can do because this means going deep inside yourself and facing that which is the darkest part of you. Learn to love that part and you will overcome it. This is harder than winning a gold at Olympics. But with the work you put in, the outcome will become self evident." Bhavesh As an international business professional he has grown to understand the power of courage not only within his personal life but his professional encounters. His leadership has demonstrated and communicated a strong vision, a dedicated and deliberate mission and a purpose of reaching his goals and the goals of his team. Courage can be born in each one of us if and when we are willing to take the action steps needed to climb out of our comfort zone, which is the box we have created to establish a sense of safety. When we are guided by courage we are free to enjoy the adventures of a lifetime.

A strong sense of adventure, a strong sense of humor and a strong sense of courage are all needed equally to realize your dreams. It is your willingness to look at your life as an adventure that can lead you to places beyond your wildest dreams. It is your ability to laugh at yourself and maintain a healthy sense of humor so you don't slump back into a pity party and of course, it is trusting in yourself knowing and believing that you are not now and never have been left alone because your Creator is always with you guiding your path.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012