Do you have the right attitude?

Believe_in_YourselfSometimes when life goes sour, our attitude also goes sour and we become angry, resentful and even do bad things because we think we need to make what we want happen. We become so set in what we want that we become unhappy and depressing to be around. This is the time to release control over your life and follow the clues that God is giving you because he has a plan that is different and far better than yours.

Don't lose your joy! Release control and turn your predicament over to God. Trust and show God that you will allow Him to show you the right course of action. Change your outlook and maintain a happy and pleasant mind-set. Don't live your life upset! By your actions, show God that you trust Him. Maybe it is time to realize that God knows the right direction you need to move towards so you would be better served. When you release control, you are passing an important test from God the Trust Test.

I am not saying to give up on your dream, but you do need to release the worry and fear and allow Him to work out his plans for your life and while He is doing that you need to stay positive and keep a healthy attitude. Continue to Honor and show appreciation to God, continue to plant seeds, continue to be and do your best and BELIEVE that God will give you the end result that you are seeking but it will happen in his timing not yours.

Worry ties the hands of the Almighty and keeps you from God's best. You need to say, God, my life is in your hands, then learn to relax, keep a smile on your face and believe that everything will fall into place because you have God on your side.

If you learned that you only have 3 months to live, would you still get upset over what you cannot change or would you go with the flow and maintain a sense of inner peace? We, too often, tend to fret over what we cannot change and as a result we miss the real lesson and message. Maybe it is time to stop wasting valuable time and make your minutes and moments count. Change your attitude to reflect a real sense of Faith knowing that you are being shown the right path expressing a real sense of Hope, that you are not alone and a real sense of Trust that God sees the bigger and brighter picture that will give you what you are truly seeking.

A healthy and positive attitude can heal you from sickness and discomfort. It can brighten your day and allow you to sleep better at night and it can also bring a smile to your face. Cultivate an improved attitude today and change your life for the better.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 23, 2014