Do you have a mission statement?

Do you realize that you need to create your own personal mission statement? Why? Because it allows you to define with a clear heart and mind where you are going and what you desire to accomplish on Earth.

We all know that every organization creates its own mission statement because it helps to define their goals, their purpose and how they hope to function so it only stands to reason that we, individually need to set ourselves up in the same way so that we, too, accomplish and satisfy the basic needs and desires that we dream about. Our personal mission statement enables us to identify with our authentic self. So that when you declare your statement out loud to your self, you actually bring to your attention in a conscious way the answer to why you are

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here on Earth. Without the guidance of your personal mission statement, it is difficult to ascertain the purest meaning of your existence.

Your personal mission statement can best be defined as your personal road-map Your road-map is a tool that allows you to strategize and plan out the direction for your life whether it is personal or professional.

It is very much like a driving road-map that helps you get from point A to point B. If you are traveling on a car trip or traveling around the world, you need direction for several reasons; such as, it helps you arrive at your destination in an easy, direct and efficient manner. The same holds true for your personal journey. If you have no idea where you are going in your personal life, you will get lost and wander aimlessly.

Writing a personal mission statement will help you define a specific course of endeavor and the resources needed to bring your efforts to reality. As you identify with your plan of action or steps you will recognize your progress and how it is unfolding effortlessly and efficiently.

I have met many individuals who do not believe that they have a purpose in their lives and consequently they feel a void and are unable to identify what it is or how to fill it. Writing your personal mission statement will help you define who you are and where you are going. It will address your primary principles or values that mold and shape your thinking and it may include a statement or vision on those you want to influence or significantly contribute to while you are here on earth.

Your mission statement is not something that is written overnight; it is a living entity that is in a continual state of growth and development as your priorities change. It is not static but rather fluid so remember to be flexible with yourself as you design and redesign your road map to fit into your various stages of existence. When you write your mission statement you will feel a healthy shift take place as your mind, body and spirit come into a state of balance and harmony.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Friday, September 21, 2012