Do you have limited thinking?

thiink big, dream bigYou are only limiting by your thoughts and beliefs. God has big plans for all of us but it is our limiting thoughts that are keeping us down. God wants us to live large, be bold and take a risk. Get prepared to live with a large mentality.

If we live in mediocrity long enough we get used to it and we think it is supposed to be that way. If you limit your thinking and live in a limited environment, you will stay small in the limited environment. If you want to expand and have a life of abundance then you need to stay open for new possibilities.

God has much bigger plans for you and me but those plans cannot be realized with our limiting thinking and limiting beliefs. If we expect to live a large and bountiful life, we need to think big. If we continually live with limitation we will miss the fullness of what God has in store for us. We must believe that we can come out of debt or receive that which we are hoping and praying for.

This is the time to be the difference maker; that is, learn how to market your product, learn to manage your life learn learn -learn. Don't let what you see in front of you stop you from reaching beyond your limiting thoughts. It is time to seek more of what you truly want. Sometimes our lack mentality gets in the way of our reaching our fullness. It is your right and duty to be an over comer for your life.

I do believe that we are destined to leave our mark on the world but that will never happen unless we change our lack mentality and be the one to break the cycle of lack and limited thinking for ourselves and our family. If you can think bigger, you can live bigger.

It is time for you to LEARN how to encourage yourself-LEARN to boast yourself up and LEARN to trust and believe that GOD actually wants you to success and grow. Your attitude should be positive as you continue to believe that if God put that thought in your mind, then you are strong enough to receive it, live it and be it.

It is time for you to believe that you are unstoppable! This is a new day to rise up and believe that new doors and opportunities will come to you when you do your part. Let go of your old thinking and start opening yourself to receive your best life yet. Seek the new environment, develop the new attitude and start believing because remember you cannot have a full life with limited thinking.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, March 2, 2015