Do you have a grateful heart?

r-POSITIVE-THINKING-large570Do you show gratitude and appreciation to others who have shown their thoughtfulness and kindness to you? We all like to be told that we are appreciated. We all like to be encouraged so maybe it is time for you to set out and honor someone today.

When we brighten some one's day, we actually brighten our day too. When we set out to do something nice each day for another, we actually shift the mood for those individuals shift their world and shift their attitude. When we let others know that they are appreciated, they too begin to feel worthy and those thoughts uplift their lives.

Maybe it is time for you to take the opportunity to be good to someone else today.

A simple word, a thoughtful e-mail or taking the time to offer an encouragement to another can and will boast the energy of the environment in which we live. This is a good habit to develop in your life. If you start living your life this way, you actually improve the environment in which you live too.

When you focus on the good and magnify the positive side of life, you help improve another life; positive words and thinking can change a persons heart. If you cannot say anything nice about anyone else, then say nothing don't spread gossip or negative and soar feelings because that kind of spirit is destructive and belittling. Speak with a spirit of joy and an uplifting heart. Don't limit your future or your behavior. You will be treated as you treat others. It may not happen today or immediately but it will come back to you. So keep being your best -because what you sow you will reap.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, December 1, 2014