Do you focus on survival or potential?

Maybe I should ask you another question When you get out of bed in the morning where do you place your focus? I am not speaking to the mundane activities that we all participate in but rather where do you let your mind travel to and focus on for that day?

If you want to achieve personal success and accomplish your desired goals, you will soon discover that where you focus your mind matters and it matters a lot. There is a great deal of talk out there about how one can empower them self. Self-empowerment is part of this process because if you fail to empower you, you cannot succeed. So what does self-empowerment mean to you in its simplest form it is all about you taking control over your life, which includes your thoughts, behavior and the environment in which you live.

So, for example, when you climb out of bed in the morning, it is important for you to take control of your thoughts that is, what you allow into your focus zone each day. When you agree to focus on that which brings you to a state of calm, peace and a serene sense of being, you begin to understand that the power within you is the power that will determine who you are and where you want to go. It is all about the process of life that will help move you towards your dreams, your desires and yes, your greatest joys.

So when you get out of bed everyday, you want to prepare for the best day ever

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by changing from your old way of thinking to a new focus on where you are going that day in a forward motion, your conscious steps towards your greatest good for that day. Does that sound valuable to you? If it does, I invite you to continue on and begin to follow the clues that are being presented right in front of you.

1. Become conscious and continually aware of where you are placing your focus every morning as you get out of bed. Allow this process to continue throughout the day.

2. Believe in your power--your power has been given to you freely as part of the Divine Plan of life, however, if you do not choose to pick up the mantel of your power, you lose it. It is your duty and responsibility to take charge of your life. Only you have that power.

3. Cultivate your mindset which means--control your thoughts and not the other way around. This is your opportunity to grow and expand your heart so that you the one who counts the most can and will create the success that is meant for you alone.

4. Be true to you and trust that the Universe has a plan for you if you want your life to flow and be in alignment with the Divine Plan that has been created just for you, you must begin to trust in the process of life. That is the only way you can be true to you Trust is vital to your success.

Many people don't get it they believe that their power comes from the outside but in truth it is refined within your heart, soul and mind. If your thoughts and your mind are cultivating doubt and worry and fear, you will be nurturing more of the same. Just remember, it is all about the mind silly! Therefore, I encourage you to daily step out of bed and ask yourself the question: Where am I placing my focus this morning so that I can create my day to satisfy my heart's desires?

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Monday, September 24, 2012