Do you find beauty in ordinary things?

absorbing inner peace imageI found that statement in a Chinese fortune cookie and thought that is true of me, I do find beauty in the ordinary things of life, if you can call such breathe taking beauty ordinary. It can be a simple flower, the way my fern is shaped and flows, the colorful bougainvillea that graces my rear fence or even one of my cherished oriental vases that probably has very little monetary value yet it brings me great joy in its uniqueness.


That simple statement led me to think exactly what

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is the meaning of ordinary? Ordinary to one can be extraordinary or extravagant to someone else; for it is true, everything in life is relevant or not depending upon your perception and point of view. If I am a person who has a small income and lives from day to day, probably everything else is out of the ordinary and if I am an extremely wealthy person, probably most things are ordinary. Do you see what I am saying? Everything in life is impermanent and its existence is completely dependent upon ones perspective and point of view. It is through life's contrasts that we are able to gain a clear vision of what we have, what we want to have and what is missing from our lives. I believe it is useful to understand what is meant by being fulfilled because we actually can be fulfilled in an extraordinary way with some of the most ordinary experiences. You see, when I walk in the mountains of Southern California which are very often barren and dry and I see one small perfectly formed yellow flower standing tall in the crevice of a rock, I find that extraordinary. That even in a desert environment, beauty shines forth. For me, that is a metaphor of life; for even in what might feel like our darkest hour, beauty can be present in the form of a hug, a thought, a knowingness that everything is going to be okay and that is an extraordinary moment.

Nothing in life can be repeated. The sunrise that we experience today cannot be rewound that special event that you looked so much forward to, cannot be repeated. When it is over, it is complete. So it can be said that in truth we are all extraordinary and special human beings, each one of us and because of that fact it is up to us individually to accept that state of being and accept the feelings of what makes us extraordinary and special. Creator only created perfection therefore we are unique and special in every way. Everything has its unique mark on it and cannot be duplicated exactly that, in itself, is extraordinary so it is senseless to try to compare all things and work to replicate them. Yet as we understand the special-ness of each person, place and thing, we begin to realize that in our uniqueness we are also ordinary. That is why I enjoy and appreciate the beauty in some of the most ordinary things that God has created.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker




Blog Date: 
Friday, May 18, 2012