Do you feel weary?

You are no different than all of us!  We all get weary occasionally

because of our struggles and challenges but I am here to tell you,

There is a lot of help to assist you as you prepare to transform your life. When you are dreaming about your transformation in your life and believing in your future, call into your life your power angels for clarity.  Let me encourage you and remind you that you have at your disposal, a team of messengers sent from on high who are ready, willing and able to come to your assistance so you can reach your highest potential.

Your mind will give you many good excuses and reasons to cave in and give up.  When you give in to weariness, you loose your strength.  It is your duty to refuse to let anything stop you from fulfilling your dream.  The enemy would like to see you defeated and discouraged yet I want you to realize that you have come too far to give up to weariness.  This is the time to transform your life; continue to stir your faith back up and guide yourself into victory.  You have the power within to be courageous and strong. 

Yes, life gets tough but please stay strong in the Lord!  Don’t forget that “The Battle is the Lords and the victory is yours!”  Don’t be passive; instead say words and take action steps of faith.  To reach your highest potential, you need to do much more!  You need to be active in your preparation!  You need to do something that is going to help you open the doors to get you where you are supposed to be.  It may take a longer time than expected but if you continue to walk towards your destiny, you will reach it. 

Sometimes it looks like we are going no where but I am here to tell you to stay vigilant, stay strong, stay in a positive mental attitude and soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

You can talk your self into defeat or you can talk yourself into victory; you can talk yourself into encouragement or you can talk yourself into weakness.   It is easy to get discouraged but I want you to know you are not alone.  Pray for renewed strength and encouragement.  You are on the right path to transform your life; continue to do your part and get your passion back.  Fuel your fire and ask your power angels to whisper words into your thoughts that will enable you to transform your life.

Don’t let the enemy weaken your mind, body or spirit.  Take hold of your power; be an example to others.  Invite your power angels into your life!  They will help you transform your life.  Your power angels are the messengers of the Creator, they are your greatest allies who have supernatural power; use them for your advantage.

You will be at your most effective and most productive state when you stay in balance.  You are a three part being.  Living balanced is the key.  In order to make the best decisions, the best choices, you need to take care of your mind, your body and your spirit.  Pay attention to practical things; you can’t go against the natural law and expect your Creator to bless you.  Your body is your special house; keep it healthy, relaxed and strong.  Your mind is a vessel that will either serve you well or destroy you.  Keep it positive and pure.  Your spirit is your source of life, treat it with love and respect and maintain a healthy relationship with your Creator.  Make Him a part of your life, and you will never collapse because your strength will be renewed.

If you are going to reach your highest potential, start your day off with gratitude and make an adjustment with your attitude.  Dare to take care of your strengths, get your passion back and you will feel changed and be reinvigorated.  Don’t neglect your mind, body or spirit.  When you work towards living a balanced life, you will be utilizing the tools that will change your life and show you how to move away from weariness and right into the pathway of great fulfillment. 


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017