Do you feel as though the odds are against you?

If you feel as though you never get the breaks in life that others get or even feel that all your friends are lucky -and poor you are trudging alone in despair, I encourage you to change your attitude and perception.

One valuable suggestion is: Have you been following the clues of life that have been placed in front of you or that have been speaking to you?

It may look like difficulty is going to defeat you and pull you down but that will never happen when you trust and believe that God is with you guiding your journey and in fact your every move. Your job is to dig your heels in and know that you are not alone and that your journey is divinely guided and inspired. So start tapping into God's goodness His power and His strength.

We often feel as though we are not the favored ones. How do others get their heart's desires and you don't? Maybe you had a bad break or even no break at all. But the truth is it has nothing do about odds or favors or luck but rather about seeking the truth for what you are supposed to receive and then open your mind and heart to figure on how you are going to get it.

We all have a mission and a purpose but it is our duty and responsibility to seek out what it is. Stop sitting around in self-pity and defeat because that attitude and energy will only drag you down further. Instead choose to seek where the victory is see where the opportunities are the brightest around you and pursue that area of endeavor. We definitely need to believe and have faith that your God is on your side and is working on your behalf.

Difficulty might be placed in front of you. No one said it was going to be easy or smooth yet if you are willing to slow down and give the difficult an opportunity to speak, you just might be better prepared to find the correct solution. Stop magnifying the obstacle and start believing that you have a defined purpose and journey that will unfold for you in the right timing. I have found in my life that when I slow down to hear my soft inner voice, I hear words or receive thoughts that help me to follow the clues for my life.

I do believe that God has my back S/He wants me to succeed but that cannot happen unless I do my part and take responsibility for my actions both mental and physical.

The power of God keeps our enemies from defeating us! Nothing can be against you as long as God is in your favor. We all have enemies and obstacles that we cannot defeat or overcome by our self but when God is with you, no one can be against you. Believe Trust and have Faith that you are guided protected and enabled to success when you accept and know that those unforeseen forces are opening all the doors that you need in order to receive your victory. Stop speaking about the odds that are against you and start saying: As long as God is with me, nothing can be against me because of the favor of God.

What I cannot do--- God can do.

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He can restore our health, give us the right relationships or boast our career. When you believe that is when all things are possible.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2013