Do you feel stuck?

It is okay to admit it you are not alone and believe me there are many people in the world who feel the same. Being stuck is often not the problem; rather learning how to get unstuck is the issue.

So how do you begin?

In order to understand the process of reversing the blocks in your life, you must first identify with them. We cannot fix what we have no clue of as being the problem. So to begin, let us look at the area in your life that needs your immediate attention. For example, my computer was running slow and a warning sign came up indicating that I was running out of memory to run updated programs. I wasn't sure where to begin so I started to look into the programs that I currently have; I needed to decide if they were still valuable to me and should stay on my computer or did I need to rid myself of some of the material that I no longer used or needed. Over the years, I took a lot of movies that we used for business but I also created some fun family movies too. As I was examining my movie program, I discovered that I had stored about 100 movies that were old, no longer needed and quite useless. I had no idea that some of them were still on my computer and indeed that was the major problem that was causing my computer to not only respond slowly but also block my progress and growth because I was running out of memory. I needed to get rid of the old and make room for the new.

As in our daily lives, we often fail to see that we are holding on to the old so strongly that we are unable to free up space in our minds so that new, fresh ideas and creativity can come through. We block our growth and potentiality because we are stuffed with the old, antiquated thoughts and beliefs.

The human mind and body is a computer that needs to be cleaned out from time to time if we expect to function properly. It is impossible to flow freely and with ease when we are blocked or stuck due to imbalance. If you sincerely and honestly want to improve your life and have it flow, then I suggest that you first stop pretending to be someone that you are not. Face yourself and admit that you are the one who got you in this state in the first place. Be happy and content with whom you are right now. You do not have to be a super star, or have a body that is chiseled and carved like a plastic Barbie doll nor do you need to have the muscles or model build to attract the perfect mate. Love yourself as you are right now and allow you to be enough. If and when you are in balance and harmony with your mind, body and spirit, then you can determine if you need to make adjustments that will improve your overall wellbeing. The most important message to send to you right now is that you are freeing yourself up for positive flow to come easily and effortlessly and that can only happen when you are in balance.

Stop holding grudges and feeling angry that frame of mind is definitely blocking and preventing you from receiving your best. If you really want to live a balanced and harmonious life, start by forgiving yourself and all those who have caused you pain. When you do, you will immediately feel the difference in your physiology. Another valuable point to remember is stop being so sensitive to what others think or say about you; your over-thinking only causes you stress and anxiety, which hampers your flow. It is impossible for your energy field to vibrate at its highest when you are filling it with negativity. And for heaven sakes start relaxing. Lighten up and stop trying to make everything perfect. When we place unrealistic expectations on others and ourselves we set ourselves up for disappointment. Create a continual dialogue with your inner self and be conscious of creating peace and harmony within your mind, heart and soul. Invite flexibility into your everyday life. Stop planning everything and allow the natural course of life to guide your way. If you are continually trying to control and manipulate the Universe and others, you tighten the grip of creativity and stop its flow.

It is impossible to get unstuck if you are not willing to change your point of view towards yourself and those around you. Remember it always begins with you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, June 15, 2012