Do you feel let down by God?

keep calm puzzle graphicDo you Sometimes feel that you are caught in the negative emotional energy of feeling let down and upset because you can't make ends meet or maybe even a relationship went sour and you feel rejected? Because we are human beings, there is always something that causes us to feel negative and then we dwell on all the what if's and why is this happening to me.

If this is how you sometimes feel, I want you to know that you are not the only one in the world that has a challenge or things that come up and work against you. We all have unforeseen and distressing situations but the key is not to allow your emotions to create a negative state of mind and overtake your life. Don't keep putting poisonous thoughts into your heart and soul or you will get contaminated. Negative reactions are only destructive and do not serve you in the long run. Refuse to focus on the negative situations in life. It is very tempting to listen to the gossip or conversations that surround us daily. That is simply a distraction refuse to allow that energy into your mind. Your most important job is to place your focus on your different possibilities, on your options and on your choices make them good and bright enough so that you will grow and bloom as you get creative. God is not letting you down. It is you who is letting yourself down!

When you refuse to deal with your present situation and make it work for you, you fall into the trap of negative emotional energy and let it take you down. Don't do that! Stay positive, get out there and learn how to handle the challenges that you are facing. Get up and refuse to slide into negativity and get going walk in the right direction and refuse to look back. God is with you and walking with you but you must do your part too if you want to experience the success that you are seeking.

hands in prayer believingDon't get upset, Stop feeling sorry for yourself instead, walk away from the negative and do not allow those wasteful thoughts to destroy your heart and soul and stop you from reaching your best. Focus on your goals and seek God's guidance and watch your energy shift. Life gets a lot freer when you realize that you have an abundance of power and strength within you to succeed and you can get up, get out and get going if you make the decision that that is what you want to do.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 15, 2014