Do you feel fulfilled?

When a newborn baby is hungry or uncomfortable, the child usually cries out signaling to whoever is around that he/she needs attention. The child trusts that it will be fed and taken care of and never questions your motives. All young children expect it, look for it and assume that everything will be okay.

When you are believing in and seeking the power of God, you too, trust that you will be satisfied and taken care of, in other words, you are feeling fulfilled and at peace because you know that God will not desert you. I must admit that I have challenged God on numerous occasions in my youth. I was impatient, bull headed and even doubting that God was paying any attention to me. But as I have grown in age and experience, I have come to understand and know that God and his messengers of light are always speaking to us it is ���us' who are not listening to the messages.

I may not always receive everything that I am asking for or working towards but I can honestly say that I always receive everything that I need. Just think about those words for one moment. We all have our wants and desires, some of which are beneficial and others are simply distractions and not needed. I realize that those thoughts may not serve you at this moment but if you are willing to take a step back and reflect on how your life and your needs have been taken care of, possibly you too see the bigger picture and begin to understand my point.

God is a giving and caring God. He absolutely wants us to fulfill our destiny and I believe He absolutely has a plan for our successes and journey but God cannot take our free will away; therefore, God cannot make us do something that we choose against. If you want to feel fulfilled in your life, you are the one who must walk the walk and listen intently to the messages that will lead you towards the right path.

To feel fulfilled and content is a joyful feeling that is generated from the inside of a person. Its roots stem from your core and radiate outwardly. Material things will allow you to feel good and fulfilled for the moment but material things will not sustain you and give you lasting joy. There is a huge difference between the two experiences and when you truly have a full understanding you will be in a better place to say that your life is successful and full.

There are many people in the world who have great material wealth but are unhappy and unfulfilled. Please do not confuse material gratification with inner wealth or fulfillment. Be in truth with your self, your authentic self. Find out what the real underlying reason is for why you want something. Don't confuse your wants with your needs. There is nothing wrong with craving to have more in life, however, if your drive to get more hinders you from feeling fulfilled and content, then there is a conflict that needs to be identified and resolved.

Do a self-evaluation:

1. Do you accept yourself just the way you are?

2. Do you feel content in your skin and experience a true sense of freedom?

3. Are you pushing to acquire more in the material world simple to escape from having a real relationship with your authentic self?

4. To discover what you truly are searching for, ask your Inner Voice, your intuition, your gut reaction. You soul always knows what is best for you. This is not about what appears to be logical or easily explained to others, it is more about what brings you inner peace and a true sense of fulfillment. How you feel on the inside will be reflected on how you live your life on the outside.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013