Do you believe in your self?

We are all unlimited beings only limited by our own limiting thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs. These concepts of limitation manifest consciously through our thoughts and feelings.

When we continually make negative statements, such as, I can't do this I don't know how I am afraid to try that or go there ---I have never done that before, we set ourselves up for vibrating at a lower frequency.

Have any of you ever felt that way or thought those thoughts? We all have from time to time. You do not have to say a word; your thoughts have great power.

So isn't it time to alter your way of thinking and to empower your mind to think thoughts that will enable you to overcome negativity? We have the wisdom to be successful. We have the ability to love. We have the power to heal, yes, heal our mind, body and spirit.

We already have all that we need to make it right!

If our thought and emotions are vibrating negatively they are getting in the way of what we want to achieve in our lives and prevent us from getting there.

Just think about this scenario for a moment and see where you fit into it.

We just arrived on earth and are let off at the dock so to speak eager and ready to start our journey filled with energy childlike energy, at first. Oh, so many personalities are standing at the dock waiting for their turn to cross the mighty ocean of life.

Some see a beautiful sailboat docked at the pier. They believe that this is the vehicle for them. They want to experience a simple yet happy life. They are satisfied to drift and let the winds blow them in the direction that it is going. They will just sit back and float through life. It suits them perfectly. Does this sound familiar? Does it represent anyone you know?

Some of us think we are only worthy of taking a canoe and take our chances to start out on a calm day hoping to reach our destination before the water become rough.

Others enlist the help from family and friends and decide that if they organize a team, they can all row across because they have built a large network made up of physical power and strength that is sure to guarantee victory.

Still others pool their resources and hire an old barge to steer the way.

Believing that if they work hard, very hard they will be able to endure the journey at any cost. For the time being they don't mind being the victim.

While still others believe that they are worthy to walk up the gang plank of a mighty yacht and journey onward in style, trusting that their Creator who made the contract with them so long ago is still with them, guiding their passage.

You see, most of us are programmed into believing that we don't deserve the luxury of the grand yacht in our lives. We think that we have to work very hard in order to achieve and reach our destiny. Our limiting thoughts dictate our outcome.

The degree that we believe and trust in our abilities is the degree that we will have our success. How much do you believe in yourself?

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2012