Do you believe that you are a limited being?

Transform your thinking imageIt was all over the news last week. Two climbers reached the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and they were the first people to ever scale the 3,000 foot granite wall using only their hands, feet and safety ropes. This particular formation is considered the world's most difficult rock climbs. One of the young men when asked on television what drove him in his quest to reach the top was it notoriety or publicity that was the driving force? His answer was NO It was the sheer desire of accomplishing something that was thought to be impossible that got me motivated and then as I was struggling with my doubt and fear, I continually said, I have come too far to quit now.

Maybe we all need to develop the mindset of these courageous young men and then take a look at what we think is an obstacle in our individual lives. Each one of these men prepared themselves for this feat. They physically trained over 5 years to get ready before they ventured out and I am sure their mental training was continual and on going even as they were meeting their greatest tough moments.

What are you facing in your life today that seem to be overwhelming you and probably in the eyes of most people would be declared impossible? Do you cave into other people's thinking or words or are you preparing yourself for your greatness? Each day we encounter challenges that seem to cause us to falter and question our capabilities yet when you read about a story such as that of these two men, I, for one, know that my challenges are not insurmountable and I will push through this because I want to be a winner. I personally believe that even though some things may seem impossible in the eyes of man, with God in your corner, nothing is impossible for those who believe. God can always open doors that look impossible. When life gets tough for you, that is the time to stand tall, be bold, courageous and be firm in your forward movement. I know that with Gods guidance, all things can be shifted and brought into alignment for my highest and best good and in a highest and best way. Like the young climbers, I understand that I have come to far on my climb to reach my mountain top to cave in, quit or even second guess myself. I hope you too feel the same way. Make time to read their story and other stories that are motivational and inspiring. They will help you stay focused and in a positive state of mind. A powerful quote by Gandhi says it all: "I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet."


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Monday, January 19, 2015