Do you believe you are enough?

I am curious! Do you believe that you are enough; for no other reason but because everything is the way it is and that is okay with you? If you were sad, you might cry and if you were glad, you probably would smile. Is there anything wrong with those feelings? Of course not! We all tend to put too much emphasis on what is happening in our lives - so much so that we have forgotten the simple truth It is okay to simply feel those emotions that are natural and a part of life and therefore, right now, where ever I am in life-for the moment it is enough.

Many of us dream about being more, doing more and having more and that is okay but while we are seeking those changes in our lives, at the same time, I believe we also need to wholeheartedly believe that we are still enough in the present moment of now. In other words, we accept our state of life at this moment with peace and calm.

In our life coaching practice, we encounter people all the time who are not happy with their lives. They mope around with soar faces and feel many negative emotions regularly simply because they are not happy and that is the way it is. They blame their problems on their work environment, their boss and of course their life partners who are all equally to blame for their poor state of mind. Even though part of the scenario might be true, in that they may not be in a healthy work environment or in a healthy relationship, in truth, they are there because they have placed themselves there.

The main reason why we struggle so much is because we are looking for a scapegoat someone or something to blame for our state of lack whether it is lack of health, wealth or happiness. It is our self-limiting beliefs that sabotages us and stops us from reaching our full potential. It we do not believe that we are enough then

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we are either giving up or wallowing in our sorrow. In either case, no good can come from that state of mind.

Believe it or not, there are numerous successful people in the world who have never had a college education. It isn't the education that made or stopped them from succeeding, it was their belief that they were enough and because they believed in themselves, they went out into the world and made something of themselves. They did it because of their positive state of mind.

Don't focus on the material objects that you crave; they will come in due course, rather focus on your internal energy force the degree that you want to vibrate at with positive thoughts, powerful energy and a mix of determination and trust.

There is a lot of magic in the world if only we are open to believe it, trust that it is there and then reach for it. What ever state of mind you are vibrating at right now, I ask you to start today to take one step [1 small step] towards your dream or goal believe that you can achieve it and move away from your limiting beliefs. When you do that, you are actually being compassionate to self.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, April 17, 2012