Do you believe in heaven?

The other evening I came upon the TV show of 20/20. I have to admit I have never watched the show before, but instead of shutting off the television for the evening, I continued to watch because the topic about "Heaven" caught my attention. The big question was being asked of all different religions and it was: "Do you believe in heaven?" All said yes and gave their version of why they believe.

I wanted to stand up and say: "Hey---listen to me, I have something to say and it has nothing to do with religion and religious beliefs "

I believe that we are all spiritual beings who have come to this planet earth to experience what ever it is that we need to experience for our personal growth and development. I also believe that each one of us has a contract to fulfill -unfortunately, most of us have no clue as to what that contract says.

Heaven is a place that we attribute to God, the angels and the higher beings of the realm. I want to aspire to dwell in a higher plane within the realm of a heavenly environment for as Jesus said: " In my kingdom there are many mansions, I will go to prepare a place for you." I have come to a place of understanding within my heart that I want to prepare while I am here for that afterlife they call heaven.

Whether we believe it or not, We will be presented within the gates of heaven the degree or level that we will reside will depend upon us - our perception, our beliefs and our willingness to not only fulfill our purpose but how we have lived our lives.

Each one of us has a purpose and reason for being here; one of those reasons is to understand our gifts. When we are able to utilize our God given talents to do good we all benefit but at the same time, we also need to know our purpose. Most of us have come to earth with a load of emotional baggage and as we learn how to release and forgive the past and live in the present we are in a better position to heal and grow.

So much has been written about religion, man's spirituality or lack thereof and then of course our values about various lines of discussions that it is confusing and often troublesome.

To define the rules and thoughts that man has become addicted towards is not an issue of God, but rather an issue of man and his ego driven mind that attempts to place fear---worry---regret and anger in our paths. That, I do not believe comes from our Creator but rather from man who wants to control man.

The message of hope, of love and the belief that there is a reason and a purpose of why we are here are questions that have been asked over centuries and I am sure will continue to cause concern.

It is my belief that only God can be the ultimate judge of who we are and why we are here; but I also believe that when we decide that awakening to that state of awareness is important, we will experience a greater degree of wakefulness.

I share my beliefs with you not to change your thoughts or mind; nor do I want to convert you to my way of thinking, but rather, I share my words with you because I want to express my beliefs and because I truly feel that what I have to say has value and meaning. I think that we all, at one time or another, have had some thoughts, questions and even feelings that might have challenge us or even caused a little curiosity.

God, I believe is the father of everyone each one of us without exception. He/she/it created us in its image and likeness and we all came from his/her/its essence. So I say to you, with an open and sincere heart that no matter what your beliefs, thoughts or feelings might reflect, in the end our views are simply that personal perceptions. It has been said that we are not to judge others---that right belongs to God, alone. Whether you think that my thoughts have some validity or not in the end it reallydoesn'tmatter; I do hope, however, that when you do stop to reflect on life, death and heaven, that you will at least share it with your soul, your higher self.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012