Do you believe that change is good?

want change graphicGhandi said: "Be the change that you want in the world," in other words, if you wish the world to be a happier place, a safer place and even a richer place, then what you are wishing for can only be realized when you and others like you take the first step to make it so. You yourself will need to live a happier life surrounded by happier people, places and things. Anger, resentment and excessive competition will short-circuit that flow. If you wish for the world to be a safer place then that state first starts on the inside of you and filters outwardly. By that I mean each one of us seeks comfort and safety, which is freedom from terrorism, anarchy and hatred. If that is our desire, then is it possible to stop making unnecessary demands on other, judging others and acting out in abusive and destructive ways? You see too often, hurt people want to hurt people. If you have a strong desire to become richer then you will need to define what ���rich' means to you and strive to reach that goal. For we can be rich in spirit yet have little financial security. Richness is a desired state of mind that spills over into earthly manifestation when both energy forces are in alignment. Change is the only way that we as humans can accomplish and achieve our longings. Some people fear change but in truth, change is healthy and good, for out of change comes newfound growth and opportunities. Did you know that the opposite of change is stagnation followed by boredom? Unless we are willing to let go of our old habits, our old pain, sorrow, fears and idiosyncrasies, which are in reality our comfort level, we will never be able to experience completely the freedom that change makes possible. Flexibility and willingness to become receptive to positive change can dramatically alter your flow in life and help you achieve the greatness you seek. Mark Twain said: "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, small people always do that but the really great make you feel that you too, can be great." I say:" when you change what you believe, you can change what you do." Only through understanding can you change and grow. But this change and growth can only be realized and brought into your consciousness when you are ready to ask questions explore and move out of the ego mind and into your true self. This is feeling from the heart. This is the time to make a transition in your life from one way of thinking to another to improve the quality of your life and be the change that you are seeking in the world. Joan Marie Ambrose Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

Blog Date: 
Friday, May 18, 2012