Discovering your hidden talents

Some people lead their entire lives never realizing their full potentiality. The good news is there is still time for you to achieve greatness and to fulfill purpose in your own life. The reason you still have this opportunity is because the Universe has a plan for you. Once you truly begin seeking what lies within your true self, your hidden talents for inner peace and success start to take shape. It is the absolute truth, too. You may be thinking, "Yeah, I've heard all that stuff about the Universe and I don't believe it!" Well, you are correct in your assumption. If you do not believe it, the Universe cannot reveal its plans to you. Obviously you have it all figured out for yourself already. That is why you continue to fall back to your destructive habits, your old pathways, and the future that may or may not hold great things in store for you cannot be realized. Truth of the matter is, it takes a lot of faith, commitment, and focused concentration to work in harmony with the Universe. When you demonstrate your willingness to be creative, imaginative and unyielding in your quest, the Universe welcomes you with open arms and shows you the way. You didn't think your hidden talents would magically appear from thin air, did you? Well, Think again! This is not about magic it is more about belief and trust.

Recently, a 96-year old man, Fred Stobaugh, had lead a modest family life until after he lost his beloved wife of 75 years. A month had passed when he sat down in his living room, thinking of his wife, Lorraine. It was then, he began to write a song for her, "Oh Sweet Lorraine". One day as he was reading the local paper, he stumbled across a classified ad announcing a singer/songwriting contest. Though the contest asked for a video upload online, the elderly man placed his hand-written lyrics and a letter he had written describing his wife into a large envelope and mailed it to the studio.

The generous studio was so touched by Fred's humble words and the beautiful lyrics he had crafted, that they compiled the music and the song for free. The chain reaction of positive passion and in Fred's case, unrequited love, propelled his song to a YouTube sensation almost overnight. Moral of the story short and sweet is just because things do not turn out the way you want them, you still have to keep on living and growing in order to turn dreams into reality. You also have to take the first steps by initiating a chain reaction of inspiration. If you think about a row of dominoes, you realize that you must put a little push behind the first one to enable the rest of the game pieces to fall into line. That is how the Universe works. You are the person who must put words to action. Then only can your hidden talents be revealed to you. Just like Mr. Stobaugh, who at 96 years of age, learned he was a songwriter for the very first time -- you too, can become whomever you want to be by using hidden talents you never knew you had.


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013