Designing Your Life

Suppose this article were titled, "Designing your Future", you may possibly have been tempted to put off doing tomorrow what you can successfully do today. The truth of the matter is that every day, you are shaping and framing your life -- with each word you speak, with each action you take, with each way you react. Now think about that for a moment - you are essentially the designer of your everyday lifestyle. And if you are the designer of the way you live today, then you are also the designer of the way you will live in your future.

Your life is a delicate balancing act between both science and art. According to Newton's Law of Motion, to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. So yes, what you do in the present time will fundamentally affect your future self. That is why it is so very important to not only live in the present moment, but equally important to be cognizant of the messages the Universe is offering you so you can be prepared for life's challenges and opportunities. It is a two-way street. What you channel in the here and now, predetermines your tomorrow and thereafter.

Think of yourself as a blank sheet of paper. If you were a future self, what would you want written on that paper to accurately describe you? Since I am the designer of my life, I know the sheet is going to be filled with accomplishments and a depiction of a healthier and happier me. So if it were your sheet, what would you write about a future you? You must understand in order to achieve your personal and professional goals, you must take action to create an equal reaction for long-term success. The ball stops and starts with you -- and you do not have a moment to waste. Center yourself so you can truly concentrate on the life your heart desires.

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If you can visualize it, you can create it; and if you can create it, you can live it. Whether that realization is becoming a high school teacher, an author, a legal scholar, a public speaker, an artist, or a prime-time television chef, then you must design your way. Not enough education? Go back to school. Not enough experience? Contact professionals to volunteer time to acquire hands-on apprenticeship. Want to author your own novel? Start writing it and complete it. Don't just sit there, start taking action.

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your lifestyle each and every minute. Your planning, investments and follow-throughs that you are taking right now are immediately impacting your bridge to a brighter and blessed tomorrow. Within you, is the absolute power to create the life you truly desire. No other individual, event or situation can stop you from designing your life unless you allow it. Remember Newton's Law? That's right. It is the action you put forth to create an equal or opposite reaction. Put Newton to the test by focusing and applying your abilities and talents to achieve and succeed in the here and now, and for your future.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Sunday, September 29, 2013