Is death a taboo topic?

That is what some are saying, people like social workers and family members of seriously ill people in particular, yet I don't believe it has to be that way. After all, we are all going to die someday. It is a fact of living so why not look at that inevitable truth with wisdom and clear understanding. The concept of death was never meant to be scary or a taboo; it rather should be addressed as a reward and gift because it is a return to an existence of good health complete with love and joy.

Denial is one of man's easycop-outs It pushes under the carpet a truth that when identified and acknowledged makes more sense out of living. It is not exactly the conversation that is carried on around a cocktail party but it could be because the topic is actually interesting as it projects into our future something that is mysterious and yet intriguing.

I am not speaking to the subject of preparing for your death in terms of burial and/or disposal of your life's assets but rather as a return to a state of contentment where peace of mind and goodness are made manifest. Unless you have led a life of extreme darkness and deceit, death is beautiful and it is a true celebration of the lifewe discovered and have experienced. If it has been an experience that has been shared and enhanced for the benefit of many, than it has indeed been a journey of complete growth, adventure and inspiration.

Just think about it because of our choices or lack thereof many people feel a death daily. We think that our lives are over because of a lost relationship, a lost job or a state of depression. We go into sadness, regret and even pain because we have lost something that we believed was near and dear to our hearts. Then we say, I feel as though something in side of me just died. While many will associate those feelings with a form of dying, I believe they are really a form of giving up and giving into emotions that zap our energy and deplete our life force.

I believe that if people could truly understand the truth that we are all spirit beings who have agreed to come to this planet, Earth to facilitate our growth as we awaken to our higher self and as we experience our highest possibilities, we will have accomplished much. As spirit beings we agreed to take on a physical body [a form] so that we could be identified by others and also so that we can express ourselves fully in the playground of Earth. When we die, we simply shed the body form but the spirit lives on it does not die. Our individual spirits still hold the same character traits and attributes that we have held dear to our hearts and our true essence no matter what form we are experiencing.

If you as an individual can grasp that truth, I believe you would look at death differently. So, I can therefore say, we never die we simply shed one form and go back to another, which is our authentic self. I have often told my children that when I die, I want you to celebrate my life not morn my passing. I ask them to have a party where everyone receives a beautiful rose and a glass of wine and celebrates the occasion with laughter and joy because it is now their turn to pick up the mantle and make what I started better. "As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death." Leonardo Da Vinci

If we can grasp this truth and believe that where we are headed is far better that what we have now, we just might see this topic differently and in fact we just might say. " I am doing the very best that I can because I know that when I return to my heavenly home, I will be greeted with words like: "A job well done, we are proud of you."

Yes it takes a great amount of faith and trust but we have the capacity to comprehend its meaning if and when we are willing to think about this topic and treat it in the light from where it is offered.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, April 18, 2013