Creating Balance and Inner Peace in your life

Creating balance and inner peace in your life is a great topic and one that either brings forth snickers or a heartfelt pause. It is something that many want to experience but are not willing to make the changes needed in their lives to accomplish it and others believe it is simply too difficult to perceive much less figure out how to achieve.

To get started I thought a visual aid might be helpful. Can you visualize a weight scale? On either side we must place equal parts of our life to balance out the scale. If there is too of one thing in your life, this causes the scale to be lopsided and therefore can easily tip over. Yet having too little on the scale won't give it any weight at all. But when we place just the right amount on either side of the scale we soon discover that it easily and effortlessly helps it to balance and remains still and stable.

All work and no play seems to make us dull and easily forgotten yet all play has its own host of problems. Man thrives when he is able to be flexible and adapt to various experiences with ease. It is usually in ourroller-coasterlifestyle of riding the highs and lows that we bring stress, anxiety and a lot of negative emotions to the surface.

We all need to find a free moment in our day when we can become fully aware of self. It actually does wonders for your emotional and physical state of mind not to mention your soul. It is amazing what can happen. I have been practicing this awareness lately and the process, which doesn't require anything special, is easy and rewarding. I was walking the other day and simply thinking about all the change that I have been working on to bring me to a new and different place both physically and emotionally when I freed my mind and had a flash of a joyful moment in my life. A smile came over my face my steps were lighter and my mind simply registered a non-threatening pleasant moment in my life. I saw how my physiology shifted from tense to calm and a sense of peace and harmony surfaced. I invite you to try this exercise for yourself and see what happens.

Having mindful thoughts on the uncomplicated joys of life can be inspiring and helpful when done wordlessly, allowing ourselves to feel the love and simple pleasures that radiate from our heart and soul.

That is how our lives are supposed to function in balance.

If we can take the symbolism of the scale together with the free reflective moment of simple joy and let them help us better understand our true purpose, we just might be able to function in balance, feeling poised to accomplished all that we want and all that we need to enjoy a full and happy life.

The center of our scale is our physical being our true essence and identity and on each arm it holds the keys to intuition, spirituality, emotional soundness, knowledge, vision and creativity.

There are many different thoughts and processes that have been examined over the centuries that have shown us how to maintain a balanced life. What works for one person, might not be proper for another. So I ask you to find the right character traits and tools that best serve you and your lifestyle and bring them together to form your perfect state of balance.

Inner peace is the result that comes from a well-balanced life where harmony and flow co-exist with a true sense of awareness.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, July 13, 2012