Conscious awareness in all areas of your life is worthwhile.

We've all been at points in our lives where we've had an incredible brainstorm...and just like the storms on the horizon -- they blow into our lives and right back into the abyss. We seem to misread or ignore the signs of opportunity and let them pass away with the wind.  Opportunities appear in our lives all the time, but it is our responsibility to stay in tune with our intuitive abilitiesand become our own best intuitive expert. Instead of grabbing the sails and flowing with the currents that nature gives us, we choose to circumvent the atmospheric conditions; retreating to our "safe haven." We tend to be most comfortable with what is familiar to us rather than break through the barriers and work towards reaching our highest potential.  Sometimes, we have to rediscover the pulse of energetic lightening provided by the Universal flow of energy and get into the rhythm of its magnetic and powerful force of inspiration. We are capable of reaching our highest potential as long as we are willing to do the work to get us to that level of visualization and creative imagination. Below are five tips on how to turn your creative visions into reality:


1.  Electromagnetism. When you get a sudden brainstorm, close your eyes and let your intuition take flight.  Don't let your creative thought processes evaporate into thin air.  Scientifically speaking, it's a matter of electromagnetism.  When your life force, or life energyis in the presence and motion of positively charged energy (or creative brainstorming), it is affected by that energetic force. This inspires and enables you to change your pace and create the vision you want in your life. Another way to look at this remarkable energy force is through the metaphorical eye of a compass needle.  Imagine that you arethat compass needle.  When the current from an energy source is switched on (your intuition), you (or the compass needle) discover that magnetic fields will radiate from all side of you.  You become the pulse of the current; which allows energy to pass through you, into you, and all around 

you.  If you harness the power of positive Universal flow of energy, envision the positive relationship that you will have in the world around you. For just a moment, let scientific reasoning be your mentor by following these logical clues to achieving greatness in your life.  Then you are truly on the path to reaching your highest potential.


2. Become your own intuitive expertPractice using your intuition.  Okay, I told you to let your intuition take you have to put your intuitive soul into action foryou.  You know that electromagnetism is part of the science of the Universal flow of energy-- now you must facilitate it to your best advantage.  When your creative juices begin to flow, you know that you are on the right track.  Stay ON track!  Don't slip from the rails because of fear or lack of self-confidence.  You have all the mental tools at your disposal to turn your normal life into an extraordinary life.That’s why it is so important to stay true to yourself and be willing to open your mind to the potential that surrounds you.  By tapping into your intuition, you are creating an infinite gateway of positive thoughts and energy flow.  The combination of the Universal flow of energy with your intuition is the key to manifestingthe reality you want to have in life.  It’s not rocket science to believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  Remember, nothing is impossible – only the impossibilities that we create in our own minds.  Isn’t it time you let your conscience be your guide? Go with your gut feeling and supersede all your expectations.  It will happen.

3. Self-discipline.  It's sometimes hard to become and stay motivated, but in order to turn your creative visions into reality, you must have self-discipline.  This is the essential key to make your life an extraordinary life.  You already have the forces of the 

Universal flow of energyworking for you.  You know that you can grab the sails and let your intuition be your guide -- the rest of your journey depends on how much you want to turn your visions into reality.  If your ideal lifestyle is comprised of a nice two-story home, a family, and a job you love -- than you must have self-discipline to achieve your goals.  If you don’t have the self-discipline to get up to go to work in the morning, you won’t be able to pay the rent or mortgage.  The same principle applies to all areas of your life; which includes your mind, body, and spirit. There must be a level of self-discipline to overcome any imbalances – including emotional baggage and blockages.  The more you stick with your strategic plan for success; chances are that you will bring your goals to fruition.  That means you must discipline yourself by calming your spirit, being good to your physical body, and taking control of your thoughts and what you project to the outside world.  You are an integral part of this Universe – the more you begin to realize the value of your life and the interconnection you have with the world around you and the energetic flow of the Universe, the better equipped you are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally to generate the milestones you need to turn your creative visions into reality.

4. Strategic Visioning.  I know -- I told you about creative visions, but now it's time to turn your creative visions into strategic visions.  That means you have to plan for success and turn your brainstorms into milestones.  Accomplish your goals by blueprinting your life map for extraordinary achievement. But before you can do this, you must have a strategic plan for your strategic vision.  This is your ultimate pathway to power; and implementation is part of the end result.  You must take action to achieve your goals.  As your own intuitive expert, this begins by accessing your intuitive wisdom and imagining all the positive things you'd like to acquire in life. When you meditate on your positive ideas and images, you can dramatically affect your electromagnetism to start drawing those things that you want toward you. The more you practice strategic visioning (focused meditation), the more you want 

it...the more you can taste it...the closer you get to accomplishing your dreams.  Remember, you are accountable for the commitments that you make; and through consistent action, you become the leader of your life and your future.

5. Awakening your prospects.  Now that you've overcome your fears and lack of self-disciplineto turn your creative visions into reality, you must awaken your prospects by exploring the positive environment that you have created for yourself.  You are now prepared to fish your prospects and take the appropriate action to reel in your treasure. No longer are you bound by mental hang-ups, and you have the clarity to see opportunitiesthat surround you.  Tap into your intuitive powersand make a concerted effort to walk through the doors that are open to you.  Get your brainstorms moving by becoming proactive in your life. Failure and lack are consequences of your own actions or inactions.  Your mind is a powerful instrument that you can facilitate to create and 

manifest the outcome you desire…so get going! After all,life isn't life if you're not living it to the fullest extent.    LINK to order heart  Tap into your intuitive powers heart

When you procrastinate and stay stuck in the same situation, it becomes harder to climb the ladder of success. The milestones you can achieve in life are created by the opportunities that you create for yourself.  That's what electromagnetism is all about -- creating an environment of opportunity by being effectively positive, procreative, and extraordinary in everything you think, say, or do.  Brainstorming and creative visioning can help you to manifest your big lifedreams.  Why wait to enjoy your life, when you can start the pathway to success now?  Increase your wealth, live your life’s dreams, become healthy, get connected to greater prosperity, and finally – celebrate the life you were intended to lead.  Turn your milestones into momentum and speed that will dramatically and positively change your life.  


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2019