Compassion tolerance is there really a difference?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

After the unfortunate death of the young black boy in Florida this week and after listening to the commentaries by various people, I felt as though the common theme was where do we find a common ground of compassion tolerance and sharing and caring among all peoples? Why don't we understand the damage that we cause each other by our senseless behavior?
These thoughts lead me to re-read my poem on tolerance entitled:It Doesn't Matter What Color You Are, from my book, Messages of Healing, Reflections and Thoughts to Feed the Soul. I would like to share some of the poem with you now in the hopes that after you have read it several times, you will begin to understand its message.
The inspiration for these original thoughts came while being a passenger on a long car ride from New York City to Washington, DC. I was observing the cars passing by and simply enjoying the day when I found myself riding side by side with a car that occupied two black women who were laughing and enjoying their day. As I simply observed that special moment between friends, it came to me that it really doesn't matter what color you are. We are all members of the human race and we can all enjoy a good laugh, a pleasant smile, a warm hello and a kind word. This is all part of the natural order of things; however, life doesn't usually flow this way because we continually encounter so much anger, hatred and basic intolerance of each other. As I started to reflect and meditate on this thought for a while, the entire process unfolded into a beautiful expression of caring and love for all of humanity. I believe this message is a"truth"that was penned by my hand but was written by one far greater than I.
It really doesn't matter what color you are,
For in the end, we are all a blend.
We mesh and merge; we mingle and purge.
Like the waves of the ocean who
Thrash and foam and crash and surge,
Yet always return to the one.
So listen when I tell you this,
It really doesn't matter at all.
The color you perceive is only
A screen that in the end dissolves.
For God in all His glory enlightens the human race
To teach and show us that it is so.
Like the waves of the ocean that show off their Mighty
Flair, when the game is over, they quietly return to
Savior-faire. They may threaten and soar,
Crash and foam. But the sound
Of the telephonic boom quickly evaporates
As they blend back to the whole.
All the pain and conflict that we inflict,
In our struggle to express our views
Could all be changed if we'd only alter our attitudes.
For, indeed, we are all one, and whether you
Agree and see or thrash and crash
Our Mighty One is beckoning all to hear the call
That our strength is in our Unity.
Ah what great simplicity!
To join our forces, talents and
Lives in balance and compromise
Who would have ever dreamt that
The blacks and whites,
The yellows and greens could actually harmonize.
So let us stop and listen to the message.
As the melodious roar from the ocean
Floor embraces all of life
Picture the magnitude of this Mighty Force
As our minds and hearts and souls converge
What a wondrous world He has brought forth
For all of us to share
Just look and see the blessings grow as we agree to care
For one another soulfully and know that He is here.
Extending His Mighty hand in strength and gratitude
To those who reach out in love and service.
Our willingness to raise our consciousness
Has opened our hearts and souls
To a space of boundless energy that grows and grows and grows.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012