Color and design matter

What you choose to be surrounded around is the mood and energy that you are cultivating and creating in and for your life. I believe that you and I alike need to use design and color to improve our lives because it will help us change our mood and our sense of belonging. The color of the room can help you set the mood of what you want Did you know that prisons have been painted in the color pink not a soft pink but a bold, bright and wild pink? Psychiatrists think that pink calms the mind and body. I agree, however, no one has addressed that pink symbolize love. Most people think of the color pink to represent the feminine---the soft and prissy personality yet love encompasses so much and it is through the energy of love that so many heal. Research has identified with the natural healing power of color and how its use has helped many develop a positive working and living environment.

The spectrum of color has the same healing attributes as the chakra energy field. It has long be known that green is the color of nature and that is possesses great healing power, blue is the color of the sky and the sea and it has the ability to make one feel cool and at ease. It is a color that connotes calmness. Red is about fire, passion and a strong sense of confidence while yellow and orange speak to the power of communication as you express a cheerful attitude. Indigo and the color purple relate to the power of one's intuition and our connection to the soul; it is associated with wisdom, mystery and magic. We all have a strong sense of imagination and purple is all about creativity. We do not want to use color to agitate people or cause them stress or a sense of defeat, instead, color is meant to enliven and brighten up one's life as it adds vitality to your day to day activities.

It has also be revealed that some football stadiums have been painted in bright pink to relax the players and help them calm down before a game. This fact has not gone unnoticed in the world; so maybe you will need to think or re-think how you color your life and what you want to achieve when you decorate your home, your office and represent yourself to yourself and the world. I recently heard a TV documentary state that we in America are a nation of slobs; that we individually set ourselves up to feel sloppy, feel lazy and send messages of laissez-faire.

I am a person that believes that color and design matters. I am asking you to make an effort to express yourself colorfully and begin to develop a colorful attitude because a little style can go a long way. Do you want to make a statement that says, I am lazy and very casual or I am a person who is casually elegant with energy and purpose? Each day when we look into our closet and pick our clothes for the day, we are sending a message to our heart and soul that dictates the mood we are creating for ourselves that day. As a woman of style, I admire other women who dress with thought and the message that says: "Look at me, I am put together with purpose and a strong sense of confidence."

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any wonder that when people are surrounded by color or wear color with purpose, there mood and psychology shifts, relaxes and calms down. Where and how do you want to fit in? I suggest that you live life colorfully and develop a colorful attitude that will enhance your sense of worth and being.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2013