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Often, you hear Mom and I speak of the necessity of coaching yourself, and may wonder what it entails, or how to get there from where you currently are? The process is one of developing your own, possibly latent, inner tools.  As the Intuition Girl, Joan Marie Whelan oven says,

“Determination, self-discipline, motivation and a strong desire to change for the better are most definitely part of the mix.”   I also believe that it requires a level of self-trust and discernment that exists within the ability of all of us.  It may need to be developed and practiced frequently to allow you to be able to make clear choices. Our ability to trust our intuition, our gut feelings and our heart often goes unnoticed and is under-developed as we tend to focus on the outer world while completely ignoring our Inner World and our need for self-improvement and self-preservation.  As you begin to build trust in your innate abilities, take it from my daughter, the intuitive expert, who states: you will find that you are more alert and aware of the messages and insights around you when you begin to “Tap into your Intuition”.    Coaching your self is simply your desire to remain alert and in tune with your heart and mind as you begin to hear and identify your Higher-Inner Voice.  You will become better prepared to differentiate between that soft voice, your intuition, and your ego ramblings and critic and pay attention to the information presented to you.

For many, the road to becoming a clear channel of your intuition may lead to first seeking the aid of a trained Life Coach in order to begin the process of knowing the difference between information inspired by ego and the messages from the Higher Self. As you soon realize the difference between the two voices, you will begin to be more in control of your path and find you will resonate with the information that is for your greatest good and steer away from those experiences that will not benefit you in the long run. Sometimes what you hear from your Higher-self is not what you had hoped to receive, but a good coach is one who will not lead you in the wrong direction!    Coaching yourself is a rewarding journey, one that is at the core of our greatest purpose of self-realization.  

If you are one who sincerely wants to improve your self-coaching skills so you will be better equipped in the future to make the best choices for your life check out our web site at and book time with Joan Marie, the intuitive expert.  She will be glad to assist you on your journey towards your greatest success in all relationships in your life.

If you cannot work with Joan Marie at this time, take a look at her coaching collection.  It consists of 12 short and thought-provoking messages that will help you tremendously. 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019