Change your attitude and you change your life

change attitudeI recently heard a story of a man who when he was young and in school was bullied. He shared his story of the hurt and the embarrassment that he felt during those years. But one day he decided to remove himself from the situation by play-acting. He put on sunglasses, changed his style of clothes that expressed more power and took his brother's leather jacket and walked into school as a different person. When the other children saw him and his change in appearance, they changed their attitude about him and stopped bullying him. That was the day that he realized he could actually act and possibly go in that direction in his life. He created for himself a new attitude and a new belief system by learning a new way of dealing with people and with his life. He made his life change by shifting his outlook. He moved away from a poor is me attitude to one of feeling empowered and more self-assured.

As he took his power back, his life began to change, which in turn changed his future. You, too, can change! You possess the same inner power and strength as this young man. He moved away from the negative impact on his life and his reaction to life and became proactive about his choices. He actually re-wrote his story. We all have the ability to make choices with our lives. We can become bitter and sour about how our lives are shaping up or we can change our attitude and create a new story. I am here to tell you that if you change your beliefs and your attitude, you become more hopeful, more productive and finally more resourceful. An improved attitude opens our eyes to see new opportunities unfold. When you or I think negative thoughts, we cannot product positive results. If you are having a difficult time staying positive and productive, become conscious of your words, your thoughts and your approach to life and watch how your words and thoughts are actually effecting your outcome.

When you are feeling down or challenged in your life, this is the time to begin to say some positive statements that will help keep you on track and moving in a positive and enriched way. I like the statement: "I am getting better and better everyday and in every way." Another statement is: I am free from fear and doubt; casting want and misery out. I know the hand of God is with me guiding my path." Before long your attitude will change your thinking will improve, your mind will become healthier and your body will feel more at ease knowing that you are moving in the right direction. It is important to remember that negative thoughts and words attract negative action and energy. You have great power to change and re-create your outcome and uplift your life. This is the time to learn to choose thoughts that empower you.

change your mindset graphicWhen you expect good things in your life, your soul hears the messages and begins to bring about positive results. Today, I would like you to change your attitude, choose to be happy and smile frequently then observe how your entire being, your physiology shifts and your day becomes so much brighter.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, July 17, 2014