Restoring Hope

Stop always depending on someone else.

We all have issues and problems that need to be attended to but it is wrong to put pressure on others to solve your problems or make you feel better.  That is your job!  Take responsibility for your feelings, for how you value yourself and for what is happening in your life. If something isn’t working, explore your options, learn and search out information that will help you change and/or reach your highest potential. Don’t let others take control over your life instead start doing the job yourself.

Don’t allow obstacles to stop you!

When you stay in faith, you soon begin to see that God is mapping out all the details of your life.  Don’t let a bad break or a disappointment become an obstacle in your life and set you on a downward spiral.  When you believe in the power of God and trust unconditionally, He will absolutely show you the way to your highest and best good.  Dare to believe that He is in control and knows what is best for you. 

Your Destiny is Calling!

Do you feel blessed, successful and healthy or are you feeling as though your life is falling apart? In secret you dreams and hopes are cry out for your desires to be filled but in your reality, everything is different. Human nature says: "when I see it, I will believe it" but Faith says: "I will believe it until I see it." It's time for you to reach your Highest Potential and yes it's time for you to stand tall on your faith, your hopes and your trust in the power of your Creator, your God.

Is your life coming together?

Sometimes we all think that life is passing us by that all of our dedication and hard work is in vain and we don't see things coming together. It gets discouraging! Yet when we take a step back and see the bigger picture, we realize that it is all coming together. God is not failing us, we simply need to be patient, stay in faith and believe that everything is coming together. The enemy wants us to give up and give into the doubt and fear. Don't talk yourself out of it because your promotion, your new job or your new relationship and healing are all coming together.

Are you in agreement with God?

Stay Positive-Thinking-imageIn life, there are 2 voices the voice of faith and the other is the voice of defeat. If you listen to the wrong voice, you may be trapped by your words. Don't give your life to defeat or mediocrity. The voice of faith says, I am a victor not a victim and that voice give you encouragement and support.